The Beauty of RVlife!

What to do? Where to go?

When I am working away Thursday nights are for exploring where I am going to explore! It makes me sooo happy! ๐Ÿ˜

Some exploring takes planning. Exploring in the summer is easy. Pick a direction and go. Lots of places to park and no weather worries. In the winter a little different. It requires a little more planning. So it’s a look at the map and look at the weather kind of night! Lol!

Saturday looks travelable but Sunday looks like the nicer day. At this point it has been a fast melt which means water on the roads. How far I go really depends on the weather and roads. And time commitments. I need to be at work on Monday morning! Lol! An over night stay would normally be easy in this area (having your house wherever you go comes in handy), but the side roads are not plowed so no end of the road stays. Parking lots for small conservation areas or picnic areas are also not plowed. I do not park on private property (without permission).

How do I end up in all these cool places? Some are just luck, some are looking at the map. If you look at the map there is a place called Moonbeam! You know I have to go there. So now I have a destination and direction. But remember it’s not really about the destination, it’s all about the journey. If it’s a day trip I will Google time and add because I am slow. At this time of year I will also Google Satellite the area looking for potential boondocking spots and download maps for no cell service areas.

There are lots of ways to explore. But you have to be smart and safe about it. You do not want to get in a position where you are stuck and in a no cell zone. Walking because you have to sucks. So go out and take a drive! It is a beautiful world out there! You just have to go out and see it!

Safe travels my friends!

Thanks for stopping by! See you on the next Chipmunk Adventure!


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