Things I have Learned

Do you ever get those moments where you just think phewww? Those moments where you think back to what you have learned in the last little while!

I think spring brings the breath back in us. It’s not here yet but ohhhh you can smell it in the air. Time to take a breath and get ready to blossom! Time to reflect on what has transpired and learn where you can.

I am into my 3rd year since I turned my world upside down. Sold my house. Moved into my van. I did something society, my friends, my workplace felt was either ridiculous or wrong or they did not understand. My kids thought it was a good idea btw! Haha! The apples do not fall far from the tree. Do not know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, I guess we will see! Worked out so far! They are children to be proud of and have grown into fine women!

What do I have to take away from these last few years of extreme change?

The first thing I learned is I am adaptable. Living in a van has convinced me that I can adapt to just about anything! I think to do this lifestyle where change is a constant you need to be very adaptable. You need to be able to move with the variables of both the van and life.

I am also very stubborn! Almost stupid stubborn but not quite. Lol! I always knew I was stubborn, I inherited that from my parents, but the will I have had to find to fight to be where I am required a strength and stubbornness I did not know I had. I will fight with everything I have to stand on my own! I will do what needs to be done to be able to look myself in the mirror every day and be good with what I see. I want what I want and will do what I need to do to achieve that! I will not settle for second best! Yes I live by my own morals. Yes I live to my own standards. And I am ok with that! It’s my life!

Living in a van in the spring, summer and fall is a breeze! Winter is flippin hard! Lol!
At -15 everything I mean everything in the van freezes. I have to go find a place to plug in. I find that so hard since all the campgrounds are closed I need to go to my friends and say “hey can I plug in so I do not freeze to death and can make coffee?” Lol! Back to that stubborn stand on my own realization. There are people that are there for you tho! And it’s ok to lean on them every once in awhile. Just like they do you!
I am not sure what made this winter seem so much harder than the others. Maybe the cold was for longer periods. It is the first time even the stuff in my fridge froze. Maybe it was that.

What I do know is I love van life and the feeling of independence and freedom that it gives me. Yup it’s hard in the winter. I have to accept things I do not like. But I have done that before. Accepting that it is happening and liking that it is happening are two different things. Both are there. Accepting that they are there is half the battle i making it all work and it be ok!

I know I need to do what I have to do to get where I want to be and with everything that has happened and everything I did not like and had to accept. Everything I had to work around and figure out. Everything it takes to stand on my own. I can do that! Whatever it takes I have it in me to do that!

Just like you!

Thanks for coming on my Chipmunk Adventures with me! The learning curve continues! I will see you next time!


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