My Biggest Pet Peeve!

We all have those things that just rub us the wrong way. My Mom used to call them pet peeves. Lol! No idea how that saying means the little things that just annoy you but it does!

What is one of my biggest pet peeves? Social labeling and categorizing. One thing that bugs me most is when people decide who and what I am, how I think, what I want by a statement or look or a category that society has decided I fit into.

Let me explain. I am a woman. So that means I like to shop, Haha! Nope hate shopping. I know nothing about mechanics or engines. I can change the oil on my van easier than I can bake a pie. I hate cooking. I can not make it without a man. Haha! That’s not it either. If you are in my life it’s because I want you there not because I need you! I have a million shoes. Haha! Nope I live in a van! No doubles of anything! ๐Ÿ˜

I am a blonde woman! Uh oh! That makes me not very smart. Well got you fooled there. My Dad used to say he gave me blonde hair just to fool the ones that underestimate me. Hahaha!

I am short, blonde and a woman! Oh now I am a stupid damsel in distress. Nope! I can take care of my own dam self and I will decide how I am going to that. Good lord! When I was single living in a house no one worried that I would die. I moved into a van and now death is imminent if I do not arm myself. Hahaha! Geeezus! Really?? I lock the doors of the van, never locked the doors on my house! Lived to tell about it! Haha! But wait there is more…
I am short, blonde, woman who is an ex wife twice! OMG! Now I am a stupid bitch that will take everything you have. Hahaha! Nope again! Always tried to be fair. I have never taken anything I have not earned!

I think a certain way so that puts me on one side or another. Maybe I am in the middle and most times am.

It bothers me when people put people in categories or give them labels.
Take for instance vanlife. I told a financial advisor I lived in my van. Ohhhh we have to keep that a secret. Why? I am not ashamed of where I live. I have an awesome home. At the end of this project in the last 3 months I have spent 2.5 of them on the road. I have a good job and probably make the same money as he did but still it “looked bad”. But is right for me! What a waste of money it would he to rent an apartment or buy a house that I am really never at! To what? Give society a good impression of me? Ask me if I care! I won’t get the loan? Then I will do it on my own!

This is me not caring! ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ˜Š

We are all individuals! We are shaped by genes passed down from generations and the environment we grow up in. Our life experiences and how we handle them. There are no 2 alike. I am not sure the world could handle 2 of me! Hahaha! I do not fit into a category nor do you! If you feel the need to label me then you should probably get an automatic label machine, your hands could get tired, because I fit under many and depending on the information and the circumstances it may change so ya better make it velcro! Hahaha!

Like seeing a picture. A huge story builds. But the picture is only a snapshot of a moment of time. No one has any idea what went on before or after that split second moment. But they are sure of what happened or is happening and will put a label on it.
I think the thing that bothers me most is that with out even knowing you, talking to you they have fit you into a category and placed a label. Sometimes even when they know you society coupled with past experience with other people will put you in a category. Not that you deserve to be there just that because you are one way then that’s what it must be.

Next time you look at someone and make a judgement or put a label on them or put them in a category. Please remember we are all individuals. To each there own.
It’s called respect even if society says that’s not your category!

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts!

Tell me what your pet peeve is in the comments section of my blog! I would love to hear them!

See you on my next Chipmunk Adventure!


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