Spring is here! Don’t sink!

This the season for mud! This happened my first mud season! My 69 would have been able to get out. But my Roadtrek, no way! She is way to heavy! Filled with water, gas and propane she is one heavy beast! It has not happened since! Lesson learned! Lol!
Its May long weekend here in Canada. A time for everyone to go and camp, sit around a fire, drink beer or in my case coffee and laugh with friends. The weather is always a roll of the dice. Normally I would go hang out with friends where they are camping (where I was being pulled out ☝️) but both places got washed out. Looked at campgrounds around the area I was in and they were full (long weekend means wayyyy too peopley! Lol!) or closed because of flooding. It’s been a very rainy wet spring. Exploring gets iffy! Back roads are washed out and everything is soft. Sinking is a reality if not careful. I will get out and walk the road to make sure it can hold me. But normally if I feel I have to get out and walk it, its too soft! Lol! Since I have been travelling out of town so much and got a call on Thursday that sends me out of town again. I decided to go back down south, hug my grandkids and my kids before I set off again!

Spent a great Saturday with my grandkids and my grand dog. This is the first time I have ever lived without a pet. Growing up we always had pets and as my children grew we always had pets. All different kinds, dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and reptiles. Katelyn introduced me to snakes. Although I will not feed them. I will hold them and do enjoy watching them. Both my girls have pets. Katelyn has 2 snakes and 2 cats. Tanya has 3 cats and Doug the dog. Doug is a lovable crazy Rottweiler who looooves his grandma! Lol! Took him and the boys for a walk. He is so good. The walk felt good. Have not moved too much since the surgery so it felt good to get up and moving.

Sunday I met with my girlfriends son Jay so we could finally get my window to stay on! Oh my stars this has been just annoying. The original glass window fell off 3 times. Twice on grass and the third on the highway somewhere. Jay made me a window made of Plexiglas. We went and bought gorilla glue but to no avail it would not stick. Finally riveted the sucker on! Now it’s not coming off. The bonus being it still works! The back windows open to create a great breeze across the bed. As you all know I can be a hot woman!! A cool breeze on a warm night is important! Haha!

Sunday afternoon was a plan to hang out with my youngest daughter but she was feeling ill so a walk in the woods was in order. There is a nice trail in Grimsby called Beamers conservation area. When I got there the parking lot was packed and the cars were parked along the side road. Even a bus!! Haha! It is hawk migration season and this is a very popular spot to watch them. You can see hundreds of species of hawks at this time of year making their journey to their summer home. A little known local spot at the end of the dead end road. I checked it out and eureka! It was open. I can walk the back trails and miss all the people! Woohoo! I love walking in the woods. I find the forest a very peaceful place. Its good for my soul!

Off to the woods to lose my mind and find my soul! 😊

Back to my daughters for an awesome dinner. Should have taken a piece of cheesecake to go! Haha! That is good for my soul but not my ass! Lol!
It sure felt good to have an extra day. The last 2 weeks were early mornings and long days.

Another day recovery was appreciated. Spent the day with my girlfriend Diane. Lots of laughs and some good friends makes a great end to a long weekend!
Monday evening relaxing in the van. Netflix, a cup of tea and a new blog! Perfect!

3.5 hour commute tomorrow.

On to my next Chipmunk Adventure! See you there!!


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