Getting a Wiggle On!!

Spring is an exciting time! Everything is coming alive! The birds are singing and you can feel the warmth of the sunshine on your shoulders! The short cold days of winter move into longer warm days of summer. There are a couple of things that happen in the spring that make me wiggle! Running water and bringing out my 69 Econoline! OMG I am soooo excited!

I love driving my 69. She is a beast to drive but the exhilaration that goes along with the work is so worth it! When I say beast I mean it. Armstrong steering along with standard transmission, a 3 on the tree Lol, means you need to be moving to turn the steering wheel. I have learned in tight spots, which I try never to do, I can use the clutch to rock the van and I can turn the steering wheel. Parallel parking…. I can but oh I don’t wanna. I can hold her on any hill tho but again I don’t wanna! Lol!

I have owned this style of van for over 30 years. A 1974 before that. I would throw the kids in the van and away we would go! I still do that with my Grand kids! 4 seat belt in the back means we all get to go! A couple summers ago the kids and I made a trip to Dunlop Lake Lodge in Elliot Lake! My grand kids love traveling in her as they have a table to play on and Grandma has a cool van!! Lol!

I bought my 69 about 10 years ago. All original including paint and the interior was built by the original owners. We have been on many miles and many adventure together and I am looking forward to many more.

Not sure how far we will be able to go this year, but last year she did a trip that made me proud. We drove to Massachusetts to play with our friends then south to Rhode Island to again play with our friends and then through the Smokey Mountains to Georgia to hug some new friends. The drive was incredible! The scenery breathtaking and she did great with the hills although we had to stop to cool off since it was July!

There is nothing like the feeling of touring in my 69! Just the thought of pulling her out and giving her a good cleaning and climbing in the drivers seat sets me to wiggle! You will notice that I refer to her as a second person. That’s because she is a character. If you drive her to far too fast the next time you shut her off she will not start for at least 20 min. She sputters on grass or groans when its rainy or cold. Hard road and sunshine is her favorite road. That is why I wrote her character on the back of the van! “She is a Finicky Bitch”. I was once asked by a border guard if the writing on the back of the van was for the van or both of us! I had to admit! It’s for both of us!

One of the best feelings is going to a Van Show! Never been??? Oh ya just got to!! A place to gather with good friends and pretty toys! Unfortunately most are cancelled for this year but the one I will miss the most will be Vanfest! It is Canada’s Largest Outdoor Custom Van and Truck Show. We have people come with their toys from all over Canada and the US! There are people and toys I only see there! The mini truck kids are sooooo much fun! Have a look at a magnificent showfield and some awsome people.

For all my Van show friends that are reading this! I miss you all!

See you down the road and don’t forget to wave. I will be seat dancing in my 69!!!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventures!!


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