Oh for My Love of Cemeteries!

Since we can not really go anywhere YET!!! For the next few Blogs let’s do some road trips.

Lets start with a Chipmunk Cemetery Tour!! ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿš

I Love cemeteries. Almost every city I go to I visit the cemeteries! I am fortunate to travel for a living so that gets me to some good ones. I also travel for pleasure and sometimes the cemeteries are my destination!

My dream is to go to Kirkyard Scotland which is said to be the most haunted cemetery in the world! You know how I love my ghosts and I so Love cemeteries! Combine the 2 and you have an exciting afternoon!!

There is a local cemetery around here that is definitely teaming with ghosts. I go to park and write there often. Its a peaceful place but sometimes they do not want you to leave. One sunny afternoon I was parked for lunch and coffee and when I went leave….. In the video below there were some strange happenings going. Give it a watch.

Of course if your talking haunted cemeteries then a witchy one is in order. Lol! Salem Massachusetts is an amazing little town. They shut the cemetery at night….hmmmmm it looked spooky! Ohhhhh I so wanted to go in! Lol! That whole trip was a ghost hunt! I spent the night in Falls River State Forest. Waiting for Puckwudgies! Lol! Some wierd happenings going on there. They close the forest at night. Not even a campground in the forest. But there is a back road and you know how I can be!

One of my favorite states is Pennsylvania! I love the old architecture and rolling hills. They have mountains that look like the have been trimmed by a hedge trimmer! Lol! Very cool!
Kim and I took a 7 day tour of Pennsylvania. Wow that was fun. We went to all kinds of places including Centralia and walked the Graffiti Hwy. (That is no longer there. ๐Ÿ˜ช So glad we got to do that!) That story is for another blog! They had a cute little cemetary there. Could not get in. Its pretty much all that is left of that town. Kim is a war buff and I am a cemetary buff so you know we had to end up at Gettysburg!! It was very interesting. There was one cemetary we moved quickly out of. It did not have a good feel. The pictures below are of the main cemetary in Gettysburg. It was a nice walk and I am sure so many untold stories. I love the tombstones. Some have only the stone left and you can not read any dates. Some of the dates I read were the 1800’s. Very cool!

Even while in a forest I come across a cemetery. While traveling in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, on the way into the Smokey Mountain National Park on this little hill is this little cemetery. Gunter Cemetery. I am not sure who he was but it looked old and maybe a small family plot! Very cool find! I love those!

And then you find a cemetery with no headstones and only a bone! Lol! I think they forgot something!!!

I am fortunate that I travel with my job. One of my favorite cities to go to is Kingston. You can walk for miles in their cemeteries. From old to new it’s all within walking distance.

When I went to St John’s New Brunswick they had some beautiful cemeteries but me being who I am knew the oldest tombstone in Canada was just next door. Well sort of. In the next province. 8 hours away next door but ohhhh so close. You know I just had to go. In the little town of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia is Garrison Cemetery. It was established in 1605. A lot of the wording was washed away with weather but what so nice feel. Nothing like a beautiful sunset over an old cemetery. Somehow it just feels right!

On the way there I had to pass (well sort of) Fairvew Lawn Cemetery in Halifax. Here is where the victims of the Titanic were buried. There are 42 victims that remain unidentified. 121 in total buried in this cemetery. The gravestones are set in the shape of a boat hull. It’s pretty cool! A beautiful tribute to a terrible tragedy. There are also victims of the Halifax fire there from back in the 1900’s. Even in the winter it was breathtaking!

I love the cemeteries I just come across. You know you are driving around and spot a small cemetery and just have to turn around. Well that’s what happened in Northern Ontario. Driving along the road and spotted this little overgrown cemetery. Seeing it all go back to nature. It had such a calm, surreal feel to it.

Simple yet kind! More of what the world needs to be!

I could go on but we have other adventures to go on! Next time you pass a cemetary, stop and listen to the silence its therapeutic Or was that silence??? Hehehehe!

See where I go next on my next Chipmunk Adventure!

Thanks for coming along on my cemetery tour! See you next time!


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