Let’s take a Back Roads Roadtrip!

You never know what you will see on any given Roadtrip! Come along and take a couple of Roadtrips with me!

As you know I like to drive! Even when I have the option of flying for work, I will take the weekend and drive. No I am not afraid to fly I just prefer to drive! Lol! Especially if I am going North! There is nothing like the feeling of open Highway but ohhhh those backroads beckon!! Lol! I spotted this dude on Hwy 634 near Smooth Rock Ont. He took off on a run when I rounded the corner. He ran down the road for quite a ways!! Go into the woods!!! Hahaha! They move pretty quick for a big animal.

Now driving a 19′ RV down back roads takes some getting used to. Some of the places I go I probably should not have. Lol! Knowing your vehicle is the most important thing. 1st thing is she is a heavy beast. When I come across dirt roads or a dirt or sandy parking area I will usually walk aways before going on it. I have gotten pretty good at gauging the sink factor! Lol! Getting stuck in a place you have no cell service is not where you want to be!! Now getting stuck when you are with a bunch of friends is not something you want to do either! I went camping with a bunch of friends one weekend. DID NOT factor in how wet the back of the lot was. I had my 69 parked back there and went and changed vehicles. Dam! Yup the Roadtrek is wayyyy heavier than the 69. Oh and to be pulled out by a pick up hauling a camper! Lmao!! I will hear about that one for awhile!

Going down a back road also has its other challenges. Like not being able to turn around if things get dicey! Backing up has become an art form! Lol! When you are sinking AND there is no place to turn around you back up faster!!! Lol! I was somewhere near Elliot Lake and it had started raining hard. I had gone down this little back road to see what was back there, cause Ya I am like that. I had seen a small spot through the trees that I might be able to pull over and wait the rain out and make a coffee when I felt myself starting to sink! Ohhhh nooo! This is not good! I knew I was ok further back up the trail because the gravel part was not too far back. REVERSE!!!! I made it but that was close!!

Some backroads are gravel and straight so when backing up is required it is no big deal. There have been many times I have got to the end of the road and no place to turn around! When its curvy well that is another story! I traveled down this backroad for miles!!! Until I got to a large washed out part of the road. With it being a dirt road and me being so heavy and so low to the ground there was no way I was even going to try! No signal, no service!!! Lol!

Backing up!!! 😊

Now there are some backroads where backing up is not an option. Forward or nothing! Lol! I went for a drive in Quenn Elizabeth’s Wildlife park in Ontario. It said it was an access road into the park. It was 2 lanes and gravel. Quite a nice road actually. It went down to 1 lane then a rock/stone road. By the time it got to ATV trail there was nowhere to turn around. I was going up and really rocky!! Oh man!! This was not good!! I had to just keep going forward because really as long as she moved I was doing ok. Not knowing where I would end up was a little concerning but it was a beautiful place, deep in the woods so I kept that in mind as I bottomed out a few times! Ohhh ouch! I came across a large rock on the side of the path and maneuvered my way on to it as it was getting dark and there was no way I was going to try to get up the path in the dark if I did not have to. Also, I could turn around and go back! I was there for the night! Coooool!!!

In the morning as I was making coffee I had the door open and 3 ATV’s drove by. I leaned out and waved and they waved back giving me the “holy crap how did you get that up here look!” After all you do not see an RV on an ATV trail in the middle of the forest very often I imagine!! Hahaha!

A little bit of my journey out of the park in the video below. I met a conservation officer on my way out of the park. He told me to turn around because I missed the best part. A little farther than I was, was a waterfall. Hahaha! No she has had enough!! Time for some pavement to sooth my van’s tired soul!! 🚐💜


Why do I take these chances??? Why would I put myself in a Uh Oh situation? Because they are not all Uh Oh’s! Even when they are it could turn into an Ahhhh! Lol! I so believe it is not all about the destination it is about the journey! How many people do you know that have traveled to many places but have never really seen any in between. Sometimes the inbetween is the most beautiful part.

Have you ever drove by a road and looked down and wondered what’s down there! So you turned around and found out! Oh my stars I do that all the time! Like getting there..getting there…ummm road to nowhere! Detour!!!! Lol! I have found some beautiful lakeside drives to picnic areas on a peninsula! Lookouts that will just take your breath away and moments when you can just make a coffee and sit an Ahhhhh!

Isn’t that what life is all about! Finding the Ahhh moments! It’s what I look for. The moments in the middle of all the hubbub of life when you can rest your soul and just say Ahhhhh Life is Good!!

Hope you enjoyed a few of my backroad adventures with me! It was fun going down memory lane even it’s a little bumpy or backwards! Lol!

See you on my next Chipmunk Adventure!!


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