49th National Van Show: Oh What a Trip

After a few days at home it was once again time to climb into my 69 Econoline and drive to Ohio to the largest Custom Van gathering in North America. We (as in my van and I 🙂) started out Wednesday morning on a hot and humid day that was to be a 7 hourContinue reading “49th National Van Show: Oh What a Trip”

Best Laid Plans

It has been a week of ups and downs, breakdowns and fixes, sorrow and excitement! Getting ready for my dream trip to Newfoundland I had my week planned out so everything would get done and I could still breathe. Newfoundland had changed the procedure for single vaxxed folks so no test required! Woohoo! That wasContinue reading “Best Laid Plans”

Replacing my A/C in my Roadtrek

Ok gang it got hot this week! Like stupid hot. The hot where the sweat drips everywhere and all you did was breathe. It was like a sauna in my Roadtrek. Not comfortable or manageable. I had to do something. Since I could not finish the paint on top because the weather was too humidContinue reading “Replacing my A/C in my Roadtrek”