How Covid has Affected my RVlife.

It’s 3 am and here I sit looking at a blank page. A blank page I have been looking at for days now. What to share with my friends this week? An exciting adventure? A plan to go on an exciting adventure? Nope! Those are illegal these days. In Ontario we start another 28 dayContinue reading “How Covid has Affected my RVlife.”

Waiting is the Hardest Part!

Waiting! Waiting to see if the borders open. Waiting for covid to end and life to go back to somewhat normal. Waiting… I am not good at waiting. As spontaneous as I am, I am uncomfortable not being able to plan. Not being able to pick where I am going next. Not knowing when IContinue reading “Waiting is the Hardest Part!”

A Roadtrip into Unknown Territory!

The call of the open road is strong for me! Driving is like therapy! I could drive for hours and hours and days and days! It would not bother me a bit! Whether I am driving my Roadtrek or my 69. The sound of the tires going down the road, the feel of the freedomContinue reading “A Roadtrip into Unknown Territory!”