A Roadtrip at anytime of Year is one step closer to Paradise!

Sometimes my job requires me to travel by plane to different destinations. On those occasions I get a rental car. On this occasion to St John, New Brunswick. I miss my van but I will use what I can to roadtrip! This time it was a Chrysler 300 which is a nice big car. I like big!! Haha!

Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for a roadtrip! I picked one destination and worked out from there. There was one thing I really wanted to see. Being from Ontario popping over to take a look really is not possible! Lol! But I am in St John, New Brunswick and there just happened to be a 2006 Chevy Roadtrek in Nova Scotia. Only 4 hours from where I was. Hmmmmm it has a generator! You all know how I feel about more power! That excites me! Haha!

So off I go. Quick stop at Tim’s and down the highway I go! It was a beautiful day and the highway was open and clear. Turn up the tunes, look at the scenery and drive! Ahhhhhh! Paradise!

I get there at 1:27 PM. The place closed at 1 PM. Dam!!! Looked around her and through the window and walked back to the car! Just then a gentleman walked out of the building. He was just closing up and asked if I would like to take a better look! Ohhhh Yes please! Woohoo!

Now let me interject! New Brunswick was not on my schedule for work. It was a trip that just came up. I did not know about the roadtrek before I left. The weather was iffy all week and a storm was expected Sunday. I am only here for 2 weeks. 1 weekend. I work 8 hours a day Mon -Fri and would not be able to look at it during the week. Saturday turned out to be a sunny beautiful day with a star shining night! The place closed at 1 PM but there was still someone there at 1:30 when I got there. I do not believe in coincidence but I do believe in signs.

I did not have time to take a good look but asked a friend to have a look. A second opinion never hurts! We will see! I will let you know what happens! Hmmm where to go now! A friend had told me I would be near the cemetery where some of the Titanic victims had been buried! I googled the site and off I go. Fairview Cemetery in the North end of Halifax is where 121 victims of the Titanic are laid to rest. The tombstones are arranged in the shape of a boat hull. Some have names and some are just markers of the unknown. There were memorial stones for the men that stayed at their post and helped all they could and went down with their ship! Such a horrible tragedy honored in such a beautiful way! I have included a link with some background information on both the cemetery and the story of the laying to rest the 121 victims.


Since I was in the cemetery mood! Haha! I am not sure there is a time when I am not! I googled the oldest tombstone in Canada. Also in Nova Scotia. Woohoo! Just over 2 hours away from where I was! Close enough!!!

Hope you enjoyed my Chipmunk adventures even when I am without my Chipmunk! Life is an adventure! Grab the moments while you can!

See you next time!

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