The difference a couple of days make!

The end of the cold spell has arrived! Woohoo! It may start again but let’s dance for now shall we! Never in my life has weather influenced my life so much! Yes when I had a house I would watch for snow amounts in the winter and rain amounts in the spring and fall. But temperature not so much. As I experienced in Algonquin Park. Not paying attention can leave you cold. Not being prepared can leave you wondering!

A couple of days ago my apple juice was frozen because I left in on the floor. Today I had my door open and cleaned the whole van. Not the outside. The line up was too big. It was a non waiting day for me. You ever have those? Some days you can pull into a line and put in park and just wait and other days not so much! Lol! Today was a not so much day! Haha! But I digress! The day started with a little cloud and then the sun came out! The wind was quite strong but you could feel the warmth! I pulled up all the carpets and washed floors and windows! Put 2 of the mats over the door to air out and the wind promptly blew them into a puddle! Hahaha! Darn! It felt good to get some fresh air in here. To be comfortable! I sat without my jacket on! Haha! Woohoo! That is worth dancing all by itself!

Watching the weather now has taken on a new meaning and planning process. Boondocking becomes an adventure as there becomes a few variables in there.
Someone asked me the other day…BTW just so you know I love it when people ask questions. It tells me they are interested in the facts not what they assume! So if you have any questions about vanlife, about how I live and make my way in the world please ask in the comments, send me Facebook message or even on my page Chipmunk Adventures. I am also on Instagram and Twitter. I will be happy to answer your question! Back to the question! Lol!

Would I rather have 0 and lots of snow or -20 and no snow?

I would rather have 75 degrees and palm trees but I live in Canada! Hahaha!
Both have their challenges! With lots of snow you need to watch where you are parked. Getting plowed in and snowed in are 2 different animals. I carry a small shovel with me and have had to dig myself out a few times. It also makes getting around a challenge. She does not have 4 wheel drive and is not the ideal snow vehicle. I do have snow tires on but the shear weight of her and the basements low clearance makes plowing through snowdrifts not near as much fun as it was in the car! Hahaha! That was fun! On the good side the snow actually works as an insulator. Between that and the mild temperature keeping it warm in here is easy!

-20 and bitter cold is a go find a plug game! Without a generator for constant power there is no way I can keep it warm enough in here for me or my liquids! Lol! Everything in my fridge freezes. It’s just a pain in the butt! Even being plugged in as you saw with my apple juice, it is difficult. Maybe it is I am just not set up well enough for those temps. Maybe my next one I will be a little more wise when choosing. I think I am just glad these cold snaps are not long lasting and so far I have figured out how to manage it! It makes me grumpy tho! Haha!

So the answer I guess would he more snow and milder temperatures if I could choose. But I can not. So for tonight I will enjoy the mild temperatures, parked in a Walmart parking lot enjoying not having a cold nose talking to you all!

Till the next time thanks for sharing my Chipmunk Adventures with me!

Travel safe! Blessed Be!


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