Do I or Don’t I…..Hmmmm Decisions, Decisions! 

Ahhh the warmth of March! Well for the moment anyways! Double digits temperatures into warm feels so nice! Laying on my bed watching my big 12″ you know what I am thinking about?

Running water!!! Did you guess that?? Lol!

I have been pondering the last week watching the temperature as I do of filling my water tank! Tank, as in 1, the exterior tank has a hole in in it. I tried to patch it but with the skirting so low to the ground I can not fit under there. Thought I could do it with a mirror and some stop leak tape but I was wrong! Lol! It needs to go up a little. I am able however to contain the flow of water to the interior tank. Which works as it is closer to the house and the furnace can help keep the water from freezing.

Because Running water!! Ohhh that excites me. Come November usually I have to drain and winterize my tanks. That’s 5 months without running water. Now I can survive obviously but man….its inconvienient! I carry 3 -4 1 Litre jugs in the winter. 2 in the running water season. Lol! They take up space and I am constantly refilling them, tripping over them! It’s a PAIN!! John showed me this little trick that he got off a guy on YouTube that saves a lot of water. It’s a spray bottle that you would use for fertilizer or weed killer. It has a small spray area so it does not soak everything and is relatively small for storage! Small is good! Be careful of the little knob at the top, if it gets stuck on, you have water mayhem!!! Lol!

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The thing about March where I am is, it could be double digits to the good one day and double digits to the bad the next. Filling the water tanks and having a couple days of deep freeze is not good!! A rupture is not good on any level!! But ohhhhh running water!!! Its so close I can almost taste it. Well not taste it because I do not drink it but doing dishes will be sooo much easier. Something as simple as wiping down the counter can be a lengthy experience without running water. I am a warm water and soap kind of girl. Lysol wipes are ok but I do not like the residue. So pouring water in the pot heating it up and moving it to the dishpan, because I do not like soap in my coffee, then wiping down the counter or turning the pump on and rinsing the cloth with a little dish soap…..that’s the difference!

It really is the little things. Those little comforts in life that we take for granted. Now I was a country girl which means we would pump our water in so being without running water for a few days I was used to. But months…it is hard to get used. Yes i can survive without it but no I dont want to!! Lol! I am a simple girl with simple needs. Really I do not need it but I sooooo want it!!! So hmmmmm do I or don’t I????

Yup!! I did!! 😊

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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