RVLife and Covid 19

Just when you think you have it down pat along comes a pandemic! Who would have thought we could all be put under house arrest! A large problem when you do not have a house!

RV living just got harder!

March was here! Summer is so close I can taste it and smell it in the air. Vanning season kicks off with Action Van’s Party in Taylor Michigan and warm hugs from all my friends! Then a week with my honey and a full work schedule! It was to be a busy spring! Things were looking up! Hahahaha! Ummm nope! Never would I have imagined closing the US and Canada border! It can be a trying time to begin with sometimes but to not be able to cross at all!!!! The other half of my life is over there! I pretty much thought as long as I am a good girl, or a slightly bad one that does not get caught there would never be an issue! Ohhh so wrong apparently. Hopefully it will be only temporary and this will not make it even harder to cross!! Uggggg!

April has arrived and normally I would be looking forward to long walks in the woods, driving with the open road under my tires and looking forward to the parks and campgrounds opening soon. Winter is over!!!! Running water and sunshine!! It is also our busy season at work and as you know I travel for a living. All of it has come to a complete stop and created a huge issue for me. Staying in one place to long makes me antsy! Lol! Well at least I have running water! Hahah! Nope again! Getting water is also an issue. Thank goodness for friends. Then I turned my pump on and my feet got wet! WHAT??? Apparently there is a leak behind the bathroom wall. So no running water and I can not go to anyone’s house to get it fixed! Arggggggg!

When I lost my house and all my savings the biggest part of moving into the van was I still had my independence. I could still stand on my own. It is important to me that I keep that. After all really it’s the only thing I had left. With the pandemic that is impossible. There are no gyms or campgrounds for showers. Parking lots and other places to park for the night are now off limits. Luckily the truck stop I get my propane from is still open so I do not freeze! Woohoo!

I am fortunate that I have my daughter and her husband and a few kind friends to fall back on. I do not like the fact that I need to be there. I would rather it be because I want to.
Parking in a Walmart also has its challenges. Being yelled at to “Go the f*** home” or the dirty looks because I only get a few items. While other people are stocking up for 2 weeks there is nowhere to put a 2 week supply of anything.

I think one of biggest disappointments in this is the people’s reaction. The whole clearing the shelves of toilet paper for a respiratory disease. Clearing out jugs of water, in case their taps stop working, and just being nasty! I find it so very sad that people who think they are going to die still have room in their heart for hate.

A forest on a mountain is looking pretty good right now!

I am lucky. So many people can not hold their grandchildren right now. My daughter had a early present in my beautiful grandson coming 6 weeks early. I am so glad that I can be here to help her as she is now a teacher, a cook, a cleaner and a referee for her 2 other boys as well as being a new mother! I so admire the woman she has become! And to find out my son-in-law is an awesome cook! What a beautiful love they have and it so nice to watch them as they fight this together as a team. I so miss hugging my other daughter and she has not even seen her new nephew yet!

I am so very proud of both my children! What most awesome people they turned out to be! Both fiercely independent and strong women! I wonder where they got that from! Lol!
I do work for the Post Office so I am considered an essential employee. I also am able to work offsite. So nowhere to park, or shower I have to stay somewhere. The only place is my daughters really. I was there when this whole thing started to help with the baby and it looks like they are stuck with me for awhile! Lol! I work with a exceptional group of people and some of them are in the field. I wish I could be there with them, but with the baby there is no way I could take the chance. Even if I think this has been blown wayyyy out of proportion I can not risk my grandson. If I could survive out there I would be by their side. They are an exceptional group of people that I am very proud to be a part of!

I not only find this hard for my situation but worry about what is in the future. I find it hard and disheartening because there does not seem to be any actual facts out there. If they are they are buried in lies and fear mongering! The press call themselves journalists but it’s more like they are fantasy writers and they will tell the story of whoever pays them the most. I do not own a tv and do not watch “the news” but do get information from many sources and try to piece together the truth. It seems today anybody can create a story on anything and it becomes fact in many people’s mind even tho there is no basis for it. Even reporting the numbers is an illusion. Here in Ontario right now they will tell you there are 5,759 cases but 2,305 cases have been “resolved” not cured because that sounds like hope and unfortunately 222 deaths. So there is actually 3,232 cases in a population of 14.57 million! And we are all under house arrest! Why? Would it not have made more sense if you are going to isolate people, isolate the weak and the elderly? Stopping the economy is going to be a large problem in the long run! Yes I understand that had we not done something there may be more sickness but I also believe our bodies to be a marvelous fighter of it’s own. If what they say is true and this thing has been around since January maybe some of us has already had it and did not know it. When we get something and fight it off we build antibodies. By not doing this are we leaving our bodies open to something worse? It makes me wonder. I am blessed with a kick ass immune system. If they asked for volunteers to get the virus and build antibodies and share them with people so we could all get back to life I would gladly do it.

I am more worried about what follows then the virus itself. How devastating is life going to be for those around me. Jobs being lost, people losing their homes, their businesses. People losing their life savings when the stock market crashes. It is already happening. A world wide recession moving into a worldwide depression is not something I thought I would ever see in my lifetime! I know what it is too lose everything you have worked your whole life to earn and I would never wish that on anyone!!!

I am extremely fortunate to be where i am surrounded by the people I have in this time! Sitting in my van waiting to be free again!

Take care everyone! Hoping to see you all down the road soon!


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