A Chipmunk in a Guilded Cage!

My daughter and I chatting this morning, she knows me so well, asked how my confinement issues were going? Not Well! Lol! “I know you hate being caged even if it is guilded one” Oh she is so right!!

Being trapped somewhere, no matter where it is, is not fun for me! It makes my heart race, and my patience thin! I felt trapped for a very long time and when I thought I was finally free I was only moving from one trap to another. Being under house arrest without a house is frustrating to say the least!

I Love my daughter and son-in-law and my grandchildren to the moon and back and am grateful they have allowed me to stay with them. Frankly I would probably be here even if there was no house arrest to help with the baby. But I would be going to work and to friends places and walks in the woods. It is spring, well it was yesterday! Lol! It is April in Canada after all! It would be my choice!

One of my issues is not moving. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I was really struggling with the stairs in the house. My joints were swelling and were stiff and sore. If I had been working, this is my busy season, or was, I would be walking a couple of miles a day, lifting, and moving and groovin! Living in a van it is litterly 1/2 a step to the kitchen. Since it is still cold sitting up front is not really an option so sitting on my bed is where I do everything. Including writing my blog and working on my book. I would normally sit in a cross leg position but my knee on my left leg had swelled so much I could not bend it that far and if I did it would lock and I would not be able to straighten it without a crack and holy CRAP that hurt. I had to do something!

I am very much a natural girl. Prescriptions or shots is a last resort or a down right no I will live with it. If I do get sick which is rarely I let it run its course. I do not do sudafed or cold remedies. They do not help your immune system beat it they suppress the symptoms so your immune system does not have to fight it. I do, do hot water and lemon and extra spoonfuls of honey. Maybe some cranberry juice to help cleanse but that’s about it! Boosting my immune system to make it stronger. Using the elements that nature gave me to keep me strong. Probably why I rarely get sick! What was I going to do to get the inflammation down in my joints? Cherry juice is a great anti inflammatory! Went to Sobeys to their organic section and found Black Cherry juice. I LOVE Black Cherries! I have been doing 2 small cups a day, I have to mix it with water because it’s too thick and a week later I am sitting with my legs crossed writing a blog on my bed! Phewww! The power and healing properties of nature continue to amaze me!

This a temporary fix as I know it will keep the inflammation at bay but not stop it from building. If I do not start moving my muscles will start to deteriorate and I will have bigger issues than just inflammation. I won’t mention my ass getting bigger does not help! Oops I mentioned that! Lol! When the weather improves we can walk around the block but that does not compare to a hike through the woods. It does not keep up with up the moving and grooving to a volume count at work, which btw is my most favorite part of my job. My daughter lives on a small piece of property but she has 3 parks and a beach on lake Ontario all within a 4 block radius, which are off limits due to the house arrest we are all under but lining up at Walmart is ok. Smh but we will not go there. I even thought I would walk in the cemetary but there was a police car there. Nope can not walk there either! Thankfully I have a job where I can work at home, so I am still working but I sit at a computer all day not moving!

I was born and raised in the country. All my homes except for 1 that did not last long have been country homes. Large pieces of property and lots of outside and inside work to keep you moving. Scaling down to van size also scaled down my world considerably. I really struggle with that issue in the winter but know it will end and i will have a whole new world to explore. So I hold my breath and wait. Winter is a busy time in my department so normally that is where most of my activity and travel would come from. I was working it out so the struggle was not so fierce.

This situation has really brought to light that I can not self sustain. That bothers me immensely! With the gyms closing for showers and there is no real safe place to park it is impossible for me to be out there. I am very blessed for the people in my life that will help if I need it but I am usually the helper not the helpee and let me tell you it is not sitting well with me.

One of my biggest issues is not having the credit rating to get a new rig. Right from the beginning it has been one disaster after another. I have never had an issue with my credit before all of this. After losing the house to a scam artist I thought that was going to be the biggest part of my fight. After all, I have a good job, no debt, little in living expenses and before all of this a perfect credit score. Then I was told by a credit counselor that a creditor proposal would be my best option. Paid $2500 for that shitty advice. Another scam. Everybody makes money on that one and you will pay the price. Even though I paid off the debt 15 months early that makes no difference. Even if you do it all right, everything they tell you to do nothing will move my credit score up. I am both running out of time and patience. Just how long am I going to have to pay for being a kind, caring but stupid person???? I have already had to replace the engine in this. Not to mention fixing the stuff the guy did not tell me about. She was not made to be a daily driver and I have put some miles on her. She has done pretty good for an old girl but it’s time for her to retire and I need to be able to get a loan for a new one before I retire!!! So yes trapped again but this time by a society who has no desire to help you just hold you down until you give up. But no giving up because whether we like it or not tomorrow is coming and I try my best to make tomorrow a little better and a little brighter than yesterday! Hopefully something works soon and I can have everything I need to stand alone if I need to.

I need to hug a tree but we are not allowed to go into the forest!! 😪

Hopefully tomorrow is a little brighter!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure. See you next time.


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