Winds of Change: RV Living

Colour of Fall

Fall has arrived in Southern Ontario. The nights get cooler, the rain falls a little more often and you begin to appreciate the warm sunny days. Mother nature telling you summer is coming to an end in the most beautiful way. Living in Class B RV there a few things I do to help keep to prepare for what is about to come…Winter

With the fall comes the dampness. Those rainy and overcast days when the air is thick with moisture. My favorite way to keep that dampness at bay is by candlelight. Candles are a great way to dry the air inside my RV and also give a little warmth. I am always very careful with candles as they can be dangerous. I never sleep with a candle going. I will usually put the candle on my stove to burn. That way if something happens, there is nothing flammable in the way. Choosing the type of candle is important as well. Since it is a small area the fumes can be noxious. A lot of those scented candles I find just too strong for a small space such as this. I like my white soy candle for burning. There is no scent and the white light is calming.


It is time to keep a close eye on the temperature. Not so much yet for fear the water tanks will freeze. I have a few more weeks of running water. But the items in my fridge will freeze. When it is warm during the day but dips to almost freezing at night, I need to compensate with the temperature of the fridge. Some nights I will just turn the fridge off. The cold night air is enough to keep it cold all night. If I have the fridge on too high, the combination of the constant refrigeration and the cold temperature outside will freeze the items in my fridge. Frozen milk does not pour into morning coffee well.

Squeezing my milk into my coffee.

Doubling the mats on the floor helps keep the cold from coming through. I have the puzzle flooring on the floor. It started for only the cool months but I found it also helps the floor from being too warm in the summer. My wolf carpet covering the puzzle flooring is great in the summer but not enough in the winter. I have two thick bath mats I keep up on the cab floor in the summer. I will bring those back to the house portion of the van. That added protection between my toes and the cold floor.

Warmth flooring

My furnace in the winter is my most important house function. In the fall I will take the front off, blow it out with a can of compressed air. Clean and secure the connections. Make sure there are no cobwebs or spiders. The first winter in my RV a giant spider fried itself on my control board. That caused a real issue as those are no longer available. The RV dealership thought a toggle switch would work. I tried to explain to them I could not get up and down all night to switch the furnace off and on. If I switched it on, it would stay on. My batteries and my hot body would not take the furnace running full blast all night. My friend Tom decided a mercury switch to regulate the temperature would work. It works wonderfully.


Fun fact: Spiders hate peppermint. They also love propane. During the fall they are looking for a nice warm place to call home. I will take a spray bottle with water mixed with a little peppermint extract and spray the exterior of my van and along the bottom of the inside. This keeps the spiders out and me wanting some gum. Lol

Spider repellent

Bugs of all kinds are pests. Check out how I handle the bugs I come across living this RV Life.

October is also the month of my favorite holiday. Halloween!! Living in a Class B RV does not leave a lot of room for decorating or storage of those decorations but I have one I will not part with. My glowing purple skull fits in with my favorite colour also adding a little spooky into my home.

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for coming on my Chipmunk Adventure.

See you next week


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