10 Amazing Things To Do in Newfoundland

Newfoundland, the land of beautiful places and even more beautiful people. On the extreme eastcoast of Canada is “The Rock.” An island that when you get on, you do not want to get off. The land amid the seas holds so many treasures. Home to the Viking settlement of Lief Erikson, the only known VikingContinue reading “10 Amazing Things To Do in Newfoundland”

Exploring Newfoundland: The Beauty and the Beast.

Heading west from Bonivista towards Corner Brook through the interior of Newfoundland is both beautiful and relaxing. It is dense forest and a beautiful highway. A few towns dotted the way including Gander. We stopped to get gas and a few items and to enjoy a little more of that Newfoundland hospitality. We were onContinue reading “Exploring Newfoundland: The Beauty and the Beast.”

Exploring Newfoundland: The Beautiful Penninsula of Bonavista

As we left St. John’s with the warmth of the city with us our next destination was Bonavista.  I had heard so much about the beauty of this place and everyone we met said it was one of the many go to places we had to see. On the way back west we came acrossContinue reading “Exploring Newfoundland: The Beautiful Penninsula of Bonavista”

Exploring Newfoundland: Welcome to St. John’s

We left Dildo with a giggle and a wave and headed down the highway to St. John’s. I was excited to visit as I had heard what a beautiful city it was. I was not disappointed. The architecture is as colorful as its citizens. We had decided we would get a room downtown by theContinue reading “Exploring Newfoundland: Welcome to St. John’s”

Exploring Newfoundland:The Chipmunk Adventure Continues

After leaving beautiful Rocky Harbour we took a little off the beaten path to a little place called Norris Point. From there you could see what we would later find out is The Tablelands. All we could see were mountains that looked like mountains of dirt. What was that??? We would have to find out.Continue reading “Exploring Newfoundland:The Chipmunk Adventure Continues”

Exploring Newfoundland

We landed “On the Rock” in St Barbe and frankly needed a rest! That was a rough drive through Quebec and although beautiful and I absolutely would do it again, a long drive through Labrador! We were planning to turn east but when we looked for accomodation we noticed this little place to the leftContinue reading “Exploring Newfoundland”

Newfoundland Accommodation: Genevieve Bay Inn: A Home Away from Home

Finding Our First Newfoundland Accommodation Coming off the ferry into St. Barbe, we looked at accommodations in the area. Tired from the long but wonderful trip through Quebec and Labrador. We just needed a place to shower, do laundry, and rest for a day before exploring this beautiful island. I also had a blog toContinue reading “Newfoundland Accommodation: Genevieve Bay Inn: A Home Away from Home”

Newfoundland: Exploring the Viking Era

On the North Eastern shore of Newfoundland is a very special place. A place where the rawness of man in the 16th century mix with the raw beauty of Newfoundland. L’Anse aux Meadows is the only confirmed Norse site in North America. To explore this place we must go way back in history. A timeContinue reading “Newfoundland: Exploring the Viking Era”

An Unforgettable Roadtrip

Is your coffee cup full and you’re in your comfy chair? This week has been an incredible roadtrip. Sit back and come along with me! My girlfriend Kim and I started this roadtrip attending a Custom Van Event in Quebec by Cold School Van Club.  What a great start to an excellent adventure! Sunday morningContinue reading “An Unforgettable Roadtrip”