October has arrived! 

I have always had a liking for the month of October. The leaves change, the weather gets cooler and the sunsets sooner! It has nothing to do with Thanksgiving and turkey and butterscotch pie or my favorite holiday Halloween! Nooooo! Haha! Maybe a little!

October also means the closing of the parks soon and my last fill of water. By this time next month I will be thinking about draining the tanks and winterizing! Yuck! I miss the parks! For about $6 I can fill my tanks, have a shower and do laundry, take a nice walk and read a book while supper is cooking and a beautiful view!

This was last Saturday at Chippawa Conservation area. It has a beautiful walking trail and great facilities. A nice place to park for non campers with great view. I love these great little treasures that I find! A #vanlife perk!! Lol! Woohoo! We will take it!

October is also the month the 69 gets put into storage for a long winters nap. She is way to old to deal with the cold! I am too but I have to wait 3 years, 8 months and 8 days for warm winter storage! Lol! Hoping for one more nice day to take her on one last run and for a good bath! I put whole cloves in against mice. They work great and smell nice on opening!

Although the changing of the leaves tells us winter is coming! Yup I am Canadian but I am a whimpy Canadian! Lol! The fall colors are just something you have to sit and ahh at the beauty that natures gives us! When the leaves fall that means its leaf jumping season! Woohoo!!! I love leaf jumping! Ya I know I should be too old for that but I just can’t help myself! When I walk through them I just have to kick them in the air. I love the crispness under my feet and the crispness and cleanliness in the air! There is no better feeling then a walk in the woods in the leaves! And if you find an opening with a lot of leaves do yourself a favor and build a pile and JUMP!!!! HAHAHA! It’s so much fun!

Thanksgiving in Canada is in October. I never needed special day to be thankful for what and who I have in my life (I am very blessed!) but it is a great excuse to get together and have some laughs and eat wayyyy to much! My oldest daughter usually does the cooking for thanksgiving now which is good since she is a way better cook than I am! I have this thing…about touching raw meat. If I can not put it on a fork and wash it off we are probably not having it. Sticking my hand in the turkey to get out the giblets just gave me the shivers! Yup you guessed it a few times it got cooked with it! Lol! I am glad Tanya does it now! Lol!

October is also Halloween! Probably my favorite holiday! It always was in our house. With pumpkin carving and making caramel apples! Decorations and spooky stories! Hocus Pocus is a must watch at Halloween for all of us! Yup already seen it once so far and will probably watch it again. Maybe a couple of times. That’s when I miss my house! Making Caramel apples isn’t quite the same in the van! Lol! Not to mention you would have to line up outside to wait to dip!

It’s just not the kids who love to dip!!! Lol!

Then there is the costumes! Ok so let’s get this straight. I do not dress up. Was never into it. Made tons of costumes for my kids but it just never turned my crank! I so love seeing everybody in theirs. I guess I just like being me! Maybe I am scary enough eh! Hehehe! <—evil witchy laugh right there! My girlfriend Diane is a Halloween Freak!!! At any given time this month she can and will offer you an eyeball or a finger for a snack. Her house is decorated as a haunted mansion with screaming dead people climbing down the walls, zombies cut in half crawling across the floor or the guy who pops out of the coffin to greet you! Hahaha! It’s a total transformation into a house of horrors.

Halloween night is for the kids. Everybody, but me, even the dog gets dressed up and goes trick or treating! It’s fun and there is always a Grandma candy tax! I get all the rockets! Smarties to my American friends!!! Lol!

Enjoy the beauty of October!

Thanks for coming along my Chipmunk Adventures with me!

See you all next time!


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