When the Itch Comes! 

I have never been one to be in a place too long! I get itchy when that happens! One of the reasons I do the job I do is because I move around a lot! Never being in one building or one area for a long time. But unfortunately there are those times when I am. This is one of them! Not in the same building but the same area! It’s been a few months now! I am itchy! Lol! Oh there is the odd weekend here and there. The drive up north and I have a weekend trip to Indiana (12 hours, 816 km or 500 miles) coming up in November but that will be a sling shot! Right there and right back. There also times in my job that I can take a day off and there are times when I can not. This is one of the times I can not! But the party is that weekend so sling shot it will be! Lol!

I love the sound of the tires going down the road. It relaxes me to drive. It always has! I do not make a good passenger! Lol! Never have. I have been the driver most of my life. I like the control part I think!! Hahaha! Sometimes with the radio blaring Metallica and sometimes just the sounds of the road and its surroundings! As long as I am moving I am good!

Has that changed since I moved into my van? No not really! Even when I owned a house I have always been I got to go girl kind of person! Sometimes it was “are you coming with me?” Sometimes not! Lol! The only difference really is that I used to pack the van now I take my house with me! No packing or unpacking! Woohoo!! When I cross the border like I will in November I need to clear my fridge and my alcohol out before I do. That is sometimes a pain. I will usually leave it at my friends or kids place. I take no food when I enter the US. They are finicky when it comes to that. I leave the alcohol so I can bring back more!! Lol! I am not a big drinker but I like variety and they have variety at a great price!

Let’s talk about the border! Traveling to the US can be tricky but mostly it is just a pain. Rule number one when crossing, Just answer the question. No stories, no explanation just the answer. Go over clean. Have nothing in the van that can give them a reason to deny you. Know where you are going and it makes them really happy when you have a return date! Lol! I was once asked if I planned to move to the US by a border guard. I replied No. He asked why not, it’s a beautiful country and obviously I have friends there. Canada has free health care and I am old! Lol! Handed me my passport and said have a nice trip. I have been crossing the border for well over 30 yrs. I remember when all you needed was your drivers licence and be somewhat sober. Its changed a lot since then, on both sides. I was once held for over an hour coming back to Canada by a kid with a badge and an ego. I was not near as nice to him as I am to the US border guards. I live here and did nothing wrong, he has to let me back in at some point! I have been in a glass jail, stripped searched, interrogated. The only time I have ever come into any kind of contact like that has been at the border. I have never even got a speeding violation! Lol! Why do I take the chance? Because I am not doing anything wrong! There are people I love and places I want to see over there! They are my neighbours! I like going to say Hi! Besides the more you do it, the easier it gets! Just like everything else!

So here I sit. Itchin! Thankful for my kids and my friends that keeps my soul calm while I am grounded! I am very blessed in the life I have! In 3 years 7 months 10 days I will retired! You can bet those tires will be turning! In the meantime off to Indiana in a few days for a sling shot! Lol! Take what you can get and enjoy!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure! See you next time!


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