Am I Rethinking RVlife??

Parked in a Walmart parking lot for the first time in months. A little more nervous than before. Things are different now. Will they stay that way, I am not sure. Will I be able to park in a Walmart or down a side road or a carpool lot and feel comfortable? I will never lie to you and tell you this is some dream life come true. It certainly is not an instagram life. There are moments when I am sitting in a forest and I can say Ahhh yes this is a dream. Then there are other moments. Lol! I guess as long as the Ahhh moments out number the Ugggg moments I am doing fine.

I am a pro and con person. I try not to do things in a panic. Some things are wonderful done spontaneously but others require thought. With everything closing and me realizing I do not have the equipment to be self sufficient frankly was a kick. Not having a place to shower and park safely has never been a concern and now it is a big one! I will be honest without a generator and a better insulated van winters are tough! Is all this worth it? I could rent an apartment or buy a house. I could move in with a friend. I do have a number of options. Now to ask myself a few questions.

Do I like it?

Well the answer is yes! I do like the way I live. I have owned a house with all the responsibility that goes with it since I was 19. Yes I was nervous at first but I have learned to really like the freedom of being where I want to be at any given moment. Now I still work full time so my time is not totally my own yet but the freedom I have I very much enjoy! I also still have my dignity and until now have my independence. That is very important to me.

Is it financially sound?

To tell you the honest truth I have never been in a better financial position. Even when I owned the property I did not have the ability to save as I do now. I have a good job stable job so for at least the next 3 years until I retire I am good. I have this thing about paying rent. I do not like it! Haha! It’s like I am paying for someone elses investment but not getting any return. I guess a place to live but I kind of like cold hard cash on an investment return. Call me crazy!! Buying house is not really an option. The time it would take me to pay off a mortgage at this time of my life is just not feasible. I would have to work until I was dead and even then…No. I have a dream and that drive will take 4 months and I do not have enough vacation time for that! Lol! Buying a $50,000 RV is like a mortgage payment for 3 years without land taxes and utilities! Easy peasy! Lol!
Will this lifestyle still be an option after this pandemic is over?
I think it will. As I sit and watch people they are already not even really giving me a second look. Just like it used to be!!!! I am not much of a driveway surfer. Lately I have had to do it way to much! It bothers me!!! Hahaha! I am a pretty independent chick! I still have no place to shower yet but things are opening up. I do believe that I will be able to go back to how I was doing it. But!!! I have to something about being able to shower. To be completely self sufficient!

Am I comfortable?

No! I love my Roadtrek but it is missing some vital options. Like I said winter is hard. Getting up in the middle of the night to start the van…no I never could get the remote start to work, to keep the furnace running is a dam big issue. It’s hard on the engine and on my sleep pattern. Summer is a breeze. Lol!! She is also getting older and I do put some miles on her. If I were to continue to do this I would need to upgrade.

So the answer…. It was a fleeting thought but I truly believe this is my path to get where I want to be!

So why do I not go out and get a loan and buy a new rig? I can afford it. I will also make money in this one when I sell it! $20,000 is a pretty cheap house and if you could travel to a warm place in the winter you would have it made! One thing about Chevy Roadtreks they hold their value. Not to mention I have fixed just about everything! Even the fridge has started every time on propane!! Woohoo! That was a battle that I won. Shhhhh do not tell her I was boasting! Lol! Because I have a low credit score upgrading is difficult! My score got killed when I lost everything. The con, the divorce it just was too much loss to handle. The system is rigged that once you fall there is no getting up. I have no one to fall back on as in family! I am on my own! I am now on to private lenders. I think what really floors me? Is that I can by a $200,000 house or a $50,000 car or truck. I was even approved for a $20,000 loan for a camping trailer. When I asked what I would pull it with he said I could get another loan for a truck easily. Ummmm that combination is wayyyy more than I need and I do not want to pull a trailer. But I can not get a $50,000 RV loan. That’s just nuts and EXTREMELY frustrating! He is still working on it as I write this so hopefully it comes through but as days go buy I am not so sure. Even when it does come through it will be high interest. I am putting the payment away but can I make it another 3 years with this one? I am determined to go into retirement debt free. So if I save the payment I can upgrade when I retire and pay cash. Can I do another 3 winters? Truthfully I am not sure. But I think more than that I need something to go forward for me. Ever since I struck out on my own it has just seemed to be a downward spiral. Everything I have tried or move I have made has not gotten me any further ahead. A couple 14 steps behind! Lol! I need something to be a positive step forward. I also need to be comfortable.

I am determined to make this work. Will I have to pay dearly? Yup! But when you think about it. $60,000 is a pretty cheap home! I need to be comfortable but more than that I need to move forward with a positive note!

Which ever way it goes I will see you down the road! Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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