10 Best Ontario Provincial Parks!

If I am going to camp or even looking to spend the day I will choose one of our many and Fabulous Provincial Parks! Some I go to spend the day, have a shower, do laundry and some I spend weeks in for work or the occasional weekend just to enjoy!

Since the parks are opening soon I have comprised a list of what I think are the best 10 Provincial Parks in Ontario. It was HARD!!! My decisions are based on campsite size, facilities, friendliness and usage as in all year camping!

  1. Algonquin Park.

Just the sheer size of Algonquin Park is awe inspiring. I have seen many beautiful things in Algonquin in many places of the park. Mew Lake Campground I have stayed in a few times. I have stayed there both winter and summer as it is a year round camping park and the views are breathtaking! They also have Pine Martin’s! Omg they are sooooo flippin cute! Like wild ferrets!! The top of Algonquin has the most beautiful scenery and many pull offs so you can enjoy the view. I love that! How many roads have you driven down and you can not stop to look? Being the driver all the time I miss a lot of stuff so being able to pull over and take it all in is a big plus in my books!

2. Kettle Lakes Provincial Park

Kettle Lakes is one of the most Northern Parks in Ontario you can drive into with an RV! I loved the feel of this park! The campsites are tree enclosed for the most part and because it is so far north has a tendency not to be crowded. I like that in a park! It is deep in a forest so it has that feel to it! I like that too! Lol! It was filled with wildlife including a sign pecking woodpecker! Lol! Funniest noise in the middle of nowhere I have ever heard. There is nothing like sitting in your campsite and look up and see a bear looking back then keep on lumbering or taking a walk and coming up on a beaver. The little Chipmunks even came to visit! I love a place where the wildlife feel comfortable enough to reveal themselves!

3. Pinery Provincial Park

Pinery Provincial Park is one of my go to parks. Like if I can not decide which park to go to that is not 8 hours away then the Pinery is most likely it! It is open all year for RV camping and the sites are pretty good. If you are a walker then it is the place. The campgrounds have a tendency to be a long walk from anything. But a long walk in a beautiful setting is good too! I spent a New Years there once. It really was a beautiful snow covered landscape. Winter or summer The Pinery is a nice central localized Park with some very nice campsites. Unfortunately it can also be very busy! But if you score a good campsite the park is big enough you will not notice. Love the sounds in that park! Nothing like waking up to the sound of nature!! Pop over to my YouTube Channel and have a listen!

4. Silent Lake Provincial Park

Located in Central Ontario Silent Lake is also a year round park. In fact I have never stayed there in the summer! Lol! I had never done winter camping until I got my RV. My first winter in the van I stayed here. Saw my first Yurt! Hahaha! Sorry I always giggle when I say that word! They are pretty cool and very spacious. The walk through the park on a snowy day was absolutely breathtaking. When they say Silent the mean it! Lol! I love the showers in most of our provincial parks as they are individual. A hot shower on a snowy day and when you come out you get a beautiful view of the lake. Truly a winter wonderland!

5. Grundy Lake

Like most of the Northern parks it has that rugged feel to it! It is a large provincial park with some awesome trails and for backwoods campers some great spots. I like the fact there are so many inland lakes. There is always a spot you can find to sit by the water and listen to nature in its finest glory! The campsites are large and most are tree surrounded. You have the choice of 9 different campgrounds. I love having choices!! Lol! Although it is not year round camping there is nothing like a nice fall day in a beautiful park!

6. Restoule Provincial Park

Restoule is a smaller park but what it lacks in size it gains in beauty. The campsites are closer together but standing on the dock feeling the quietness of the lake makes up for it. The fall is a beautiful time to go there. The make up of the trees make for some vibrant walks on the trails. Tom and Kim and I went last fall and was just amazed at the colors. This park also has biking trails for those of you that like to bike.

7. Wheatley Provincial Park

Moving into Southwestern Ontario does not diminish the beauty or the hospitality. One of the best things about this park is you can good sized campsites along the water. I do not find that in many places. There is nothing like getting up in the morning to a lakeside view and the cool breeze off the water. Wheatley is also close to the Michigan border so a nice stop over when traveling is convenient!

8. Rondeau Provincial Park

I Love Rondeau. It is a smaller park on a point and the campsites are a little smaller but everything is within walking distance which is nice. In September when the butterflies are narrating is a spectacular site. It is also a short drive to Point Pelee which is a day park. Both if these parks get a heavy population of monarchs during migration. The trees just hang with butterflies! They also serve an awesome ice cream cone that you can sit by the water to eat!!

9. Sandbanks Provincial Park

If you like sand and beach this is the park for you! Located on a stretch of land between 2 bodies of water there is beach everywhere!! Walking trails through the wetlands allows you to view some of the diverse nature in the makeup of when land meets water! Bird migrations are also high on the see list when in this area.

10. Rock Point Provincial Park.

I have actually only stayed here in the group camping with friends! It is my absolute favorite place to go spend the day, to do laundry and shower. It has spots you can go sit by the lake and great trails for a walk. The only thing is the internet is not good in places. Makes for writing blogs a little difficult! A nice comfortable park.

That is my top 10! There are many Provincial Parks each with their own special feature! Some day I am going to visit them all!!!

See you on my next Chipmunk Adventure!!


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