For the Love of Fruit

Do you love fruit? I am a big fruit eater. I love fresh fruit and vegetables. There is nothing like the taste of a fresh apple off of a tree or a bunch of freshly ripened grapes off the vine. Keeping it fresh in ever changing temperature environment is a challenge.

Fresh fruits and vegetables give you so much more than just great flavor. In my opinion they a vital part of your and my good health. Each has their own set of nutrients and vitamins in each and every bite. Bananas are a perfect example and are very much part of my everyday eating. Did you know that high blood pressure medication burns your potassium levels? I do not take it but my Mom did. Her doctor told her to eat a ripe banana everyday because they are loaded in potassium. The riper the banana the higher level of potassium. Potassium is important. If you have issues with muscle cramping as I did when I danced in competitions as young girl a banana a day is just what you need. Apples for promoting good bacteria, oranges for vitamin c, cherries reduce inflammation, the list goes on and on. I do a small glass of concentrated cherry juice everyday! It makes a big difference in the way my body feels especially in the winter when I am not as active! I am a fair weather walker!!

Cherry juice! Mmmmm and good for you!

Vegetable greens such as spinach and dark greens have great antioxidant properties as well as tomatoes and green beans for a vitamin enriched meal or snack.

How to keep them fresh in the van is difficult. While a house temperature stays somewhat constant, the temperature in the van is constantly changing. Cold in the winter, hot in the summer and spring and fall the temperature changes with the day. Ever tried to ripen a banana in the cold? When I had my house I would put them on top of the fridge if they were too green to warm them to ripen. In the van there is no warmth on the top of the fridge just a cold counter top. In the heat of the summer it is the opposite, they ripen before I can eat them.

So what is the solution? Little portions. What was once a bunch of bananas is ok in the winter but the summer can only be 2 or 3 at a time. It means a few more trips to the store. Apples last the longest and do best when it is a colder season. Greens and vegetables have to be eaten that day or the next but last a little longer in the winter.

Sometimes it is hard to buy small. Things like raspberries, ohhh I love raspberries, come in containers and although they are small I can not eat a whole one in one sitting or I am going to have a new problem and be glad I have a bathroom on board! Lol! You know those little clementine oranges that come in the little crate? Ya I can not eat a whole crate of oranges before they go bad. Finding places like fruit stands that sell items individually or in smaller packages is great. I like stopping at the little roadside stands and spending my money locally. They are convenient and giving back to the local economy no matter where I am is a good feeling!

There are some items I can put in the fridge and they will keep a little longer and winter comes in handy for ready made salads. I can buy more than one!! Thats exciting. I like the ready made salads just because if I were to buy all the things I like in a salad I would have to eat that salad for at least 5 days in a row to use up all the ingredients before they go bad.

Knowing the time of year and picking fruit and vegetables at a certain ripeness so as to be able to eat them before they go bad is helpful. Sometimes I will pick them at different levels if I can then they can ripen as I go.

No matter where we live whether it is in a van or a brick and mortar house eating healthy is important. Getting your nutrients and probiotic from natural substances gives your body a much better chance to fight any sickness that comes along!!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure.

See you next time!


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