Back at Home!

Last week I had some trouble with my home. It is always a heart pounding moment when she is down. Having a place I can take her and know I can trust makes it a little less which I will take.

The night before I went and parked a little closer. She would no longer go up to highway speed and an 8 am appointment meant an early morning. Best thing about having a movable home is you can move closer so it is not as early morning as it needs to be!

The best part of waking up!

Taking side roads to Port Colbourne sooner or later I had to climb a hill. She bogged down like she was not getting fuel, I did not think she was going to make it. For a moment I thought I smelled something burning and felt a small backfire. It was only for a moment but very concerning all the same. When we reached the top of the (small) hill I patted the dash and told her we were almost there. She picked up a little speed and the smell disappeared and we carried on to the garage. Pheww!

Arriving at Thruway Auto and warm greetings from the lady behind the counter and a hello from the cockatoo with held breath I handed the keys over. Kim and picked me up and we went for coffee. They said they would call with an update. I would go to Kim’s and wait.

Waiting is not really my strong point. Waiting for word on my home is well I am sure I am a little annoying. About 3 pm they called and told me that the fuel pump was burned out and there was a crack in the distributor cap. They also told me they would put it back together and could make it drivable at no cost but the fuel pump needed to be replaced and I would not be able to go far but they knew it was my home so they would do their best. I asked Kim if I could spend the night at their place so they would not have to do that. We were an hour away and freezing rain had began. I told them not to worry and would talk to them the next day.

Sitting in Kim’s not seeing my van in the driveway is a heart sinking experience. Not many people can understand the anxiety it creates to not have her. After all she is not just a van or RV. She is all I have. She is my home and my dreams. My future. Not to mention she has all my stuff in it. Including my toothbrush. Which I later decided an over night bag may have been a good idea.

They called the next day and said she was all done. Pheww! Relieved we headed up to get her. When I got there the mechanic showed me the plug wires that were connected to the fuel pump. You could see flame marks. He told me that it had caught fire. OMG! The burning smell going up the hill. I then breathed a great sigh of relief as I have a 30lb propane tank right beside the fuel tank. Maybe the sink leak put it out. Lol! Whatever put it out I am thankful.

The backfire had probably cracked the distributor cap or there was a crack and caused the backfire but they replaced both the rotor and cap as well as changed the fuel filter. A new set of wires and plugs was recommended and will be done this week. Keeping her running well and feeling good is of the utmost importance. Good maintenance and knowing when to go get a sound looked at is the key to stay rolling!

My dream! 💜

This week 4 years ago I purchased my new life. Never imagining that purchase would bring me where I am today. As I sit and wait for the lockdowns to end and life to begin so I can begin the next phase of my Chipmunk Adventures.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventures!

See you next week


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