How to Celebrate Halloween Vanlife Style

Decorations for Halloween Vanlife style
Glowing skull

Celebrating the holidays while living in a van is a different kind of celebration. There is no house to decorate but you certainly can decorate your van. Kids cannot come to your door trick or treating….or can they? Come along as I share how I celebrate Halloween Vanlife style.

Halloween is my favourite holiday. Not just for ghosts but also the children in costumes and the feel of fun in the air. I try to be with my grandkids for Halloween just to watch their fun as they run from house to house. Knocking on doors and yelling trick or treat. Looking at all the displays people do to celebrate this fun holiday.

When I had my house, it was so much fun watching the children of all ages come to trick or treat. Ghosts and goblins, witches and cowboys. I kind of miss that. This year though I got to feel a little of that with a group of vanning friends.

When Halloween and Vanlife Meet

Some of my vanner friends called and asked if I would like to go camping at Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville for the weekend. They were having a Halloween weekend where everyone dresses up and trick and treats from campsite to campsite. Oh that sounds fun. Ok, so just to let you know I do not dress up. I love to see the creativity of the costumes people come up with but they all know I will not be wearing one. With a bag of candy in the van I was off to Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

Custom vans done up Halloween style
A haunted campsite

I had never been to Bronte Creek Provincial Park before so it was kind of a double bonus. Note to self…put the actual campsite into the GPS when navigating. My navigation system brought me to the day side of the park. The Day visit side is beautiful but does not connect with the campsite side. It’s is a long block to go around especially in Oakville traffic. The park itself is situated in the middle of a large city. Once inside though you forget that city is there.

Vanner friends in costume
My friends, Cesar and Jano
Jano’s van decorated and ready for Halloween

I got there a little late so the trick and treaters were just starting. It was so fun to see the kids going from campsite to campsite yelling trick or treat. My friends Matt has a Scooby-Doo van. It looks so real you expect Scooby to jump out for a Scooby snack at any moment. My friends Ganice and Hugh have a van that is M&M themed. It was fun watching the kids and adults looking at the vans.

Matt's Scooby Doo van and Ganie's M&M van
Matt’s Scooby-Doo van,
Hugh and Ganice’s M&M van

It is fun to see and hear peoples reaction to the custom vans. As I was driving in I overheard a couple of people say, “you know we are sending our children to get free candy from a van.” Hahaha! I laughed. I told them yes they were, but Scooby is there so no monsters over there. They laughed and said that all the vans were very cool. The kids loved the vans and could not stop talking about them. They were impressed that the M&M van really had M&M’s in it.

Tom and Kim’s Vanbulance,
Cesar and Tracy’ van

The campsites were huge. Tom and Kim own the Vanbulance which was once an actual ambulance. Cesar and Tracy came up with this wonderful idea of Halloween Vanlife style that I hope turns into a vanning tradition. It was a lot of fun and a great evening was spent around the fire with some great friends.

If you get a chance to go trick or treat camping, give it a go. It was a spooky good time.

My friends! 💜

Diane’s Haunted House

I cannot talk about Halloween without mentioning my girlfriend Diane. She is a Halloween freak. Her house becomes a frightful adventure at Halloween both inside and out. It is so much fun. Some of the kids will not even go into the living room because the creepy girl is in there. Ok, yup she is creepy. My grandson Jensen who is 2 1/2 years old walked into the living room and the little girl turns on. She has glowing eyes and a creepy little voice. His reaction…he tried to share his chips with her. Hahaha! That will make her all better. Lol. Do not forget to look on the floor as you walk or you may just get grabbed by the 1/2 a doll crawling across the floor or the eyball that is rolling by. All of the creepy toys coming at you are triggered by a sensor when you come close. Be careful when you look into the coffin because you never know what will pop out.

The kitchen is turned into a frightful place with partial legs hanging from the ceiling and blood dripping down the walls. Meat cleavers and knives readily available for the next victim that walks in.

Diane’s haunted house

Outside is a whole new kind of scary. Clowns that do not look like they want to make you laugh and a doll on the swing that calls to yu in a creepy voice. You are sure you have just entered a horror movie. Well, at least you are hoping it is a movie. It takes a couple of weeks to get everything just right. Something new is added every year so watch out when you walk around the next corner, you never know what is waiting.

Diane’s haunted house

Tonight we take the kids out. Hopefully a beautiful night so we can hear the children’s laughter in the streets and maybe, just maybe see a couple of ghosts.

Tuesday I leave for Illinois to visit with two beautiful girls and a guy who just makes me laugh then a roadtrip to Minnesota to pick up my daughter who is visiting her fiance. I have never been to Minnesota. I have been through Minnesota but never actually visited. I am excited to go and experience another Chipmunk Adventure.

Have a Howling good Halloween.

See you next week


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