RV Life: Sights and Sounds of the Animals of Nature

Living this RV Life makes it easier to spend time within the arms of nature. The towering trees, the aroma of the flowers and the animals that it nurtures have such a calm and tranquil feeling. The sounds, the sights and the smells fill you with good energy. Nature is so amazing in its fight for survival. The way it creates beauty in everyday life. By its nature creating, beauty in chaos. The resilience of rising from the ashes and building and flourishing. It is inspiring!

The Birds

Have you ever seen a flock of sparrows fly in swarms in a beautiful dance in the sky or use that grace to defend themselves against a predator? I have sat and watched a flock of sparrows force a large hawk to the ground. The power of the dance. It is an Ahhhh moment. The picture is off Google. The moment is in my soul!

Birds dancing in the sky
Birds dancing in the sky *Not my photo

Not all creatures give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. My favourite place to go when in Elliot Lake is Dunlop Lake Lodge. One day while sitting on the dock by the lake, I believed I heard Tyradacles coming! What is that? One minute all you could hear was the water rolling softly to the shore, the next moment, I was expecting a Dinosaur to land at any minute. Looking above, I notice these giant birds coming in for a landing. What a noise they make! Making sure everyone knows they are coming.

The dinosaurs are coming!

I could sit and watch birds for hours. When they seem to float in the air and soar through the sky with the grace and freedom, I could only wish to have. There are the ones that I have got up close and personal. Like Peanut the Peacock. What an awesome experience that was. Stopping at friends in Georgia and the campground they were staying adopted a peacock. Well, they tell me he adopted them!

Feeding Peanut the Peacock
Feeding Peanut the Peacock

The Little Creatures

My favourite place is in a forest. Meeting and greeting nature’s little creatures is fun and exciting. The Chipmunks, the beavers, and even the Pine Martin’s greeted me at Mew Lake Campground! Oh, my stars they were cute! I thought they were ferrets. We had ferrets when my kids were growing up. Cute, but sneaky little buggers! Please remember, little and cute, is not always friendly. You need be careful around any wild animal, no matter what the size.

Little creatures I have met along the way

The Larger Animals


Let’s not forget about the larger animals of nature! The Moose, the Bears, the wolves. Nature earns and deserves your respect. When I am there, I am aware of both the beauty and the danger. For the most part, they do not want anything to do with man. Their intelligence shows through! I will never forget sitting at my campsite in northern Ontario and looking up and seeing a bear looking at me. He was meandering down the road. I looked up as he stopped and looked into my campsite. I said, “Well hello there neighbour!” He continued on his way.

Not to worry, I have bear bells!! They were in the van along with my phone, but I have them. Lol!

Bear and Bear bells
Bear and my bear bells


Moose are magnificent, majestic animals. I am always amazed when I look at the density of the forest and how it can move through the throng of trees. These peaceful animals are better seen in the woods than at the side of the road, and like all wild animals, they can be dangerous. The closest I ever came to a moose was in Newfoundland. My friend Kim and I did a tour of Newfoundland. While staying at Pistolet Bay Provincial Park, we encountered a few moose with our morning coffee. So close you could almost touch them, but Noooo. As cute as they are, we need to remember they are still wild animals. Best admired from a distance.

Baby moose
Moose in Newfoundland


As you may know, I love wolves. I will never forget my trip back from Thunder Bay in my ’69 Econoline. Driving along Hwy 17, which by the way, is a breathtaking drive, I began to notice wolves at the side of the highway. I had to keep slowing, afraid I was going to hit one. I had never seen that many wolves before. I had gotten a glimpse a few times deep in the forest and heard them a few times, but nothing like this. It went on for at least 20-30 km. As I rounded a corner, I came into a dense fog. I could not see 2′ in front of my van.

The highway is filled with twists and turns and steep dropoffs. This just got dangerous! As I continued slowly a dim light came into view on the left. It was a small gas station. I went in to ask if I could park until the fog clears or for the night, as it was getting late anyway. He told me I better. He advised me that he was closing soon and would turn the lights out. After that, do not get out of my van. The wolves have been restless this past time. Better to be safe.

That night as I lay in the thickness of the fog and the darkness of the night the wolves began to howl. A sound so clear it was as if they were right beside the van! A sound so piercing it cut through the fog and into my soul. Were they celebrating my safety? Were they surrounding me with their power and giving me a great gift that day? Or were they just ringing the dinner bell!! Hahaha! I guess we will never know!

My back wall covering

The animals in nature leave us in ahh of their size and power. From the strength and determination of a small sparrow to the brute power and size of a bear, each are beautiful in their own way. Make sure you stop to enjoy the sounds and sights of nature along the way.

What was a favourite experience you have had with the sights and sounds of nature? Tell me about it in the comment section. I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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