RV Life: Sights and Sounds of the Animals of Nature

Living this RV Life makes it easier to spend time within the arms of nature. The towering trees, the aroma of the flowers and the animals that it nurtures have such a calm and tranquil feeling. The sounds, the sights and the smells fill you with good energy. Nature is so amazing in its fightContinue reading “RV Life: Sights and Sounds of the Animals of Nature”

The Nature of Niagara

Growing up on Grimsby “mountain” I was lucky enough to be surrounded by farm land and had the Niagara Escarpment for my playground. Being in nature for me has always had a soothing effect and even with all the growth in population Niagara still has its natural sweet spots. Whether sitting by the two lakesContinue reading “The Nature of Niagara”