The Roads Less Traveled!

I Love to drive! I love to drive to the middle of nowhere! HAHAHA! The roads less traveled are my favorite!!! It is one of the reasons why I picked a #Roadtrek to live in. She fits!! Well most of the time. I have taken her down some pretty rough roads but the end is most of the times worth it! And the trip certainly is. There are times I have had to back out of those roads less traveled. When the end does not provide a turn around! LOL!

One of my favorite trips was to a place called Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Park in central Ontario. It is an unmanned provincial park that have access roads leading in. Well it started out as a access road, then turned to ATV trail quickly. It looked as it had been maintained at some point, but had fallen in disrepair over the season. By the time I got to that point, there was nowhere to turn around, so I had to just keep on going. That is kind of scary because of the rockyness of it, I also could not back out. I always like to be able to at least back out. I can back her up for miles! YUP! Been there done that! LOL! As I showed you in the video trees on either side and rocks for the path. I did bottom out a couple of times so the basement took a beating, but she did not protest too much! LOL! It was starting to get dark and there was no way I wanted to try to navigate down this rocky road at night. Hmmmmm just keep going and see what I find! On the left I came across a rock! A large, flat, the size of a van rock. Perfect!!!!! Now to maneuver the van on to the rock!! HAHAHA! Lets just say by the time I got there she and I were pretty much done with rock climbing it was coffee time. I want to say the night time in those woods was awesome! I was parked on a clearing and there was a billion stars. As I lay in my van and looked out of my top windows at the stars I could hear the night critters and the wolves howl. I think that a wolf howl is my most favorite sound! I have travelled many places just to hear that sound!

In the morning as I have my morning coffee and my side door open I hear the sound of ATV’s coming up the trail. I lean out the door and wave. The look on their face as they see this 19′ camper van perched on this rock was priceless! HAHAHA! On the way back down I met a conservation officer in a 4X4. He wondered how I got up there from this side as I guess there was a easier route on the other side! HAHAHA! Of course there was! Remember…the hard way! He asked if I had stayed in the parking lot? Parking lot???? No i just found a rock! LOL! If I had gone 10 min farther I would have came to a waterfall. I should turn back and go back up. I think I heard Chipmunk groan at that statement. HAHA! No honey we are on are way out. 10 min in his 4X4 and 10 min in Chipmunk are not the same thing! It was an awesome adventure and one neither of us will forget!

Remember when I said she fits? Sometimes it’s kind of a close call. I have been known to get out and walk it to see if she will and if the road will hold her. She is a heavy beast! I remember being with John in his in a State Park in Florida in his #Roadtrek. I wanted him to drive closer to a sign but he pointed out the sand underneath us. It looks kind of soft and the van is heavy. Do not underestimate the weight of the vehicle!! When all the tanks are full, water, propane and gas, she is heavy. You add all the house build and piping and wiring that is a lot of weight. And yup he was right again!! LOL! As I found out camping with friends on a long weekend May. The ground was soft, I did not walk it and drove right in. Had to be pulled out by a pickup hooked to a camper!! OHHHHH Hang my head in shame! SMH!!

Oh my friends will have fun with this!!!

Walking the path is sometimes the best thing you can do when exploring the roads less traveled. While up north I found this picnic table sign off the highway and followed. I like those signs. You could not see the picnic area from the road but it came out to a large parking lot and marina beside a beautiful lake. No picnic tables! Hmmmm Then I noticed this small outlet road at the other side of the parking lot. As I pulled up to it and stopped to look I could see through the trees the picnic tables. Hmmmm that looks like a nice a spot. But the road to it was narrow and in a few spots had water on both sides. It also went out into the water and you could not see what kind of curve was up ahead but looked like it had to be a 90 degree turn at the very least. As I got out of the van to walk it, a man walked up to me and said “you are never going to get it down there”. HAHAHA! Well we will see.

If I can I will!!! HEHEHE!!

One thing about me is when someone says I can’t I usually will! HAHA! There are not many I can’ts but many more I won’ts my Daddy used to say! So I took a walk. The ground was more rocky than sandy and it looked like the tree branches were high enough I could get under. What about that turn?? It was a little less than 90 degrees but with a little back and forth I should be able to maneuver around it. So I got back into my van and with the guy standing there watching me shaking his head I headed down the road. As I waved at him through the trees I put my feet up and ahhhh….What a beautiful afternoon it was. #vanlife this is what it is all about!

With a turn around point!! Oh bonus!!!!

Thanks for coming on my Chipmunk adventures. Tune in next time for the Adventures of the Purple Shoes!!

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