My Purple Shoes

These were my first pair of Purple Shoes. I am a pretty simple woman and not really a fashion goddess. LOL! I wear my Purple shoes with most everything. I am not a Flip Flop or sandals type of girl. I like a flat canvass shoe that is comfortable and versatile. I also wear socks with my shoes. LOL! Which drives my girlfriend Kim NUTS!! HAHAHA! It is almost half the fun.

I Love to Adventure in my Purple shoes. Weather permitting of course but I do have 2 pairs just in case. The only 2 of anything I have in the van I think. I try to get the same color of purple but I can not always get that. So I have to make due. This year was not a fun time finding them. I do not like shopping. Yup I know I am woman but shopping for me is just such a waste of time. And peopley very peopley!! HAHA! Once I had to buy Pink shoes!! It was just not the same!

I love to travel…hence living in a van is the life! Me and my purple shoes have been all over Canada and the US. After all is this not why we do this?? To see new things, Feel new feels, smell new smells, hear new sound. I love exploring places. The roads less traveled! I am a bit of a ghost hunter and Love the sounds and feel of the forest. I am not a “tourist” per se but more of an explorer. A good old cemetery beats a “tourist” area any day!

I LOVE CEMETERIES! They are probably one of my most favorite places to visit but I would not want to live there! HAHA! Most everywhere I go I visit cemeteries. When you get a cemetery in a Haunted Forest!! HAHA! Bonus! Quaker Hill Cemetery in Freetown State Forest Massachusetts. This was literally the only bone in the cemetery! LOL! Some you get like that. Since I look for abandoned or very old cemeteries some you come across are just a plaque or like this one an empty field. But the bone made it all worth it.

Quaker Hill Cemetery Freetown State Forest Massachusetts

Then there are these finds. Most of the time you find these as you are driving down a back road. This is an abandoned cemetery off a back road in Northern Ontario. The markers were mostly wood crosses dating back to the 1800’s. Walking through as nature took over this area and the age and weathering of the markers it just seemed right. It felt right. You will hear me say that often for I feel more than I see sometimes.

Abandoned Cemetery Birch Island, Ontario

This cemetery is actual not to far from the house that I used to have on the lake. I really liked the feel of this place and went many times to just sit and listen and feel. One day as I walking through after sitting awhile I got this feeling I did not want to leave. But I had things to do and was on a time schedule. I started my van #roadtrek and the gas gage started jumping all over!! LOL! The engine started fine and she was running fine. I was guessing someone did not want me to leave! LOL! BTW the gas gauge or any other gauge had never done that before and has not done it since! Freaky Eh! I like Freaky!!

Gettysburg was a blast with my girlfriend! She is monument girl and I am a cemetery girl so it was a great end to our Pennsylvania ghost road tour. Which included Centralia which in itself was very cool. The town was overcome by a coal seam fire that has been burning underneath the borough of Centralia, Pennsylvania, since at least May 1962. By 1990 there were only 7 people left in the town. In 1992 the town was condemned and the houses and building destroyed. It also had the existing cemetery still there. The highway going in is referred to as Graffiti Highway. There is a strange smell in the air and as darkness fell other things as well. It was a great adventure.

See you on my next Chipmunk Adventure!!

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