The Bumps along the way!

RV life is not all roses and wildflowers. Just with any other life it has its little bumps along the way. There is nothing like being at a Jiffy Lube waiting in line and the fuel pump goes. Oh but wait there’s more. The line is a curved line that I had to squeak around and no one else could get around in the the 2 lanes that were provided. So now I block all production. One car! That is all it would have took to move and I would have been straight. Took 4 men to push me one car up!! HAHAHA! Dam! She is a heavy beast! My girlfriend Kim was with me and what started as a quick oil and lube turned into a 5 hour wait and a trip in a tow truck back to her place. And nope we did not get oil or lubed!! HAHAHA! Dam again!

That is another issue. Taking it to a garage and making them understand this is my home. If it is sitting in your garage I have to find a place to sleep. Most Van conversions and Rv’s people drive here are recreational. They do not need them. She is my only transportation and my home. He took 3 days and 2 trips to get it right. Luckily for most of my repairs I have friends in the area of my home office that are really handy at working on her.

At this point I have to tell you I have some of the greatest friends. They tell me I have good friends because I am a good friend but I think I am a good friend because they are good people! Treasure those good people that come into your life. They are a gift from the universe!

This week or month it is my fridge. My fridge as it turns out is a 3 way fridge (shore power, 12 volt and propane) but I thought was only a 2 way (shore and propane). When it started not lighting on propane about a month ago I took it to my friend Tom and we took the faceplate off and ohhh it turns out it can run on house battery but nooo it can not because it does not work. Darn!!! Let me tell you that since I started lighting my fridge properly…LOL! That was frustrating. It has worked very nicely on propane. I do not go to many campsites and boondock most everywhere so my fridge working on propane is vital. Like I said about a month ago it started not lighting very well. I had to keep switching the dial to a lower gas setting to get it to start. I could then turn it up and it would be ok. Then it began to go out for no reason. Like in the middle of the night in 30 degree (90 degrees for my american friends) heat so things are bad when I get up. Tom and I looked at it and figured it could be one of 3 things. Burner tube, Thermo-couple or the thermostat. Now to find a distributor and the parts. John gave me the name of a place in Kentucky and I ordered the parts. The burner tube or orface as they called it (that made me giggle ) and the thermo-couple was available. The thermostat is back ordered until the next Tuesday of never so we will hope we guessed right with the other 2.

This week it would not start at all. So I threw out the food and cleaned it out. Looks like the parts have crossed the border so I just have to get through 1 more week and hopefully I can get it fixed. I am away for work so I can use the hotel fridge to keep my food cold. I got ice packs to keep my milk cold for coffee in the morning. And yes I stay in my van most times. I use the hotel for a shower and now a fridge. For those of you that say WHAAAAAT??? Why are you not staying in the 4 star hotel? Cause I am staying in my 5 star van!!! I am home! We will get into that discussion another time.

All I needed to do was get through the weekend. People at work suggested different types of coolers but I have no room for that. And what do I do with it after?? What I need is hydro for the weekend. I have laundry to do so the most logical thing would be to get a campsite. Great idea!! Kids are back in school, the campgrounds will be empty. HAHAHAHA! NOPE!! There are six sites left. I do not feel like going to look for another park that is just as crowded unless I drive for miles. It was a long day and I was ready to relax. I scope out the sites. Pick one on a corner surrounded on both sides by trees and no site directly across from me. I would have a rear neighbour but 1 chair and no kids stuff. Go back and wait in line to register on the site and come back….back in and put the paperwork on the pole. Look for the hydro pole….Ummmmm usually it is visible right away. I am looking in the trees beside me. Since I only have 1 campsite beside me and they are usually shared I start looking in the bush. OHHHH I see it…

Yup that is it. Wayyyyyy over there!! LOL! I have 6 feet of plug in cord and 50 feet of electrical cord and if I back into the site with my doors opening toward the picnic table and firepit it will not reach!!! HAHAHAHA! REALLY????? OH MY STARS! By now its getting dark and I am dragging electrical cord through the brush. Nope not long enough. I am going to have to turn her around and go nose first, ass out. First I have to move the picnic table, drag not move because its heavy so I can get close enough to reach the pole! HAHAHAHA! I am really laughing now!

Ok I am not going to say I did not curse a few times. LOL! But all is good. Got up this morning to a sleeping park where the only sound I heard was nature awakening. Made myself a coffee, turned my passenger chair around and ahhhhhhh! Vanlife! Started to write a blog and share with you another Chipmunk Adventure!

My Chocolate is saved and my coffee made!! It is a good day!!

Thanks for coming along on My Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!!


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