The Saga of the Untouchable Hose!

Hello Everyone. Hope you had a great weekend. Spent mine at The Pinery Provincial Park. There were 3 Chevy Roadtreks and Zion parked all together on one corner. It was fun! Other than being parked ass out and tied to a pole it was a great weekend. LOL! My daughter says I have confinement issues! She is correct!! At some point I checked the fresh water level and it was very low. Ugggg well at least I was at a campground and water spigots were everywhere! But there was one problem….my van had taken my hose hostage!! HAHAHA! Well sort of! Let’s start at the beginning.

About a month ago I had tried to open the compartment where I had put my hose. It is an awesome hose. One of those expandable ones, you know the kind, they expand when filled and shrink as you empty them. It was the perfect van size really. It was flexible and compact. There is a small compartment in the “basement” that really does not fit much. But it fit this hose perfectly!!! Right on! Perfect! Right up until I could not get it open. My friend says maybe you are using the wrong key?? Really???? HAHAHA! No right key as I did try all of them but the tumbler is broke inside. So do I drill the lock out to get my hose? Not before I have a new tumbler to replace it. Can not have that door flopping all over the place when I am driving. So I need to get another hose. It was on my list! Honest!! HAHA! Sometimes I want to smack me. But it seemed since then everytime I had to fill up I was somewhere with a hose or with someone who had one!

Not this time. LOL! Darn! Well there is a camp store. Right beside the Ice Cream store. What a coincidence! LOL! I love ice cream almost as much as I love coffee. Almost…Lets not get silly!! So on my out I figure I would stop at the camp store grab a hose and an ice cream then venture over to the day use area. I wanted to do a Youtube introduction video for my youtube channel and thought that would be a quiet place to do it. The camping part was busy and I could also get water. So I looked at the map and picked a beach area that I did not think would be busy, unplugged and started off.

The Pinery is a big park and the day use area is on the other side. I stopped at the camp store and bought a hose. Less than $20 so that was better than expected and a $5 Ice cream which was what I expected. HAHA! Looking at the map headed off towards the day area! Direction is not my strong point!! LOL!

Well I found the beach access and put the hose just outside the door of the van. Shot the video, you can find it here made a coffee and then drove away. Time to go as I had work in the morning. As you can tell by the sign it is a one way road and by the time I thought about it there was no going back I would have to do a large circle. The road was beautiful but as I mentioned I do not have a very good sense of direction so after a couple of turnarounds I finally found the right road and back down I went.

When I pulled into the beach access I just started laughing. There it was looking very abandoned!! LOL! You see John has this issue with leaving his shoes and we have had to go back to get them a couple of times. so yup I was laughing hard as I pulled around and seen the hose still there looking very abandoned! HAHAHAHA!! Oh that is awesome. Still there and I did not run over it when I left!! BONUS!!

Now to fill my tanks!! There just happened to be a spigot nearby so I pulled right up and connected and started to fill. Now just like everything else with Chipmunk filling the tanks is an adventure in itself. Because there is only one fill hole at the back it feeds both tanks. The hose is on a 90 degree angle to the filler hole so you literally have to dribble the water in or she will puke. Yup I said puke. Water will come back out and after you pull the hose out and think she is done spilling water out she sends a large amount at you just to show you her displeasure!! LOL! 3 of my friends have helped me to fill my tanks. I say to them go slow or she will puke. I get that look. You know the look I am talking about. That I know what I am doing look. Mike, Tom and John!!! HAHAHA! Got them all! Soaked them to their socks. Do not say I did not warn you! And YUP I am still giggling over all 3!

Sticker should say Warning!!! Stand back while filling she Pukes!! 🤣🤣🤣

This whole trip back to save my hose was over an hour but gave me a giggle! Hope it gave you a giggle too!

Oh BTW my hose is still untouchable but the new one works, just not near as nice as my awesome Untouchable Hose!!

Hope you enjoyed another Chipmunk Adventure and we will see you next time!!


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