It’s the Little Things!

Someone called me a minamalist the other day! I will tell you I am not much for labels! I believe I fall under a few different labels! Haha! Some good! Some not so good and sometimes it depends on the moment! 😁

If you mean I do not need a lot of material items to survive then I guess he was correct in that. Materially I own what I have in my van (and my 69) and really that’s all I need.

I truly believe life is not lived so we can collect things but moments. But what about the 69? Its a thing right? Yup but it’s not her that gives me joy but the feeling I get when I am driving her! Those moments with the stereo on, shifting gears and rolling down the highway.

Moments like the picture above. Today it was a beautiful day in southern Ontario. The air was comfortable for a winter day. I could open my doors. Let the fresh air through. Sit on a rock and watch the sunset without my snow suit on. Lol! Not many of those days left if none. Sometimes you just have to stop, enjoy the moments for the sunset does not last. It’s in those moments that is where you find the lasting warmth.

I think living with less allows you to realize how important moments are. You are not cluttered with things around you. Your mind is not trapped but is free to roam to more clearly see the beauty of what is in front you!

This picture was taken in a traffic jam on my way to work one morning. The person behind me was anxious to move. Where to I am not sure. Hahaha! Riding so close behind me that he was unable to see the beauty in front of him. Where he saw break lights I saw a beautiful tree lined road in the early morning light on a beautiful fall day. My day started out beautifully! His I am guessing not so much. Lol! You make those moments what they are. Sometimes you have the power to create beauty from a pain in the butt like traffic!!

Some of the best moments of my life are spent laughing! I love to laugh! If anything can make me feel good it is a good belly hurting laugh! It raises the endorphins levels and gives you that feel good feeling! I can make me laugh! Other people can make me laugh! I have such good friends that make fall over and laugh so hard! Like taking Kim out to a frozen lake and watch her freak cause she thinks she is going to fall through. (We watched a snowmobile drive by so I am sure we were safe) Hahaha! That was funny! Or being with my friend Cush and him explaining why the stars disappeared. Lol! I laughed so hard I almost cried! (You know your in trouble when the answer starts with “oh you poor thing! Hahahaha!) Or with John because he had to stop at Waffle house for pie because he drove for over an hour! Hahaha! I laughed so hard I could not even move. A he could do was stand there and hold me. Watching Tom walk into a rake and it hit him in the head. Both Kim and I just about pithed our panths laughing!!!! HahHahaha! After we knew he was alright. My children and grandchildren are a constant source of amusement. As my oldest grandson (he was about 7) sits in my Roadtrek when I first got it. I was explaining to him how this was going to be new home. He looks around and says ” I think this might work Grandma, you might just have something here” Hahaha! Well thanks Erik!

Moments not things. Those are what will come back to give you a smile. A surge of warmth. Fill your world with moments and experience what a beautiful world this is!

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