Winter is coming!

As the North wind begins to blow and the dark comes quicker you just know here it comes! I personally do not like winter. Never have! As I told you before Not a Snowbunny! ๐Ÿ‡ Living in a van does not bring me closer to liking it either! Hahaha! But I live in Canada so I have put up with it this long! Lol! What’s a few more years eh!
There are a couple of things I start to watch as it gets closer. Since winter is bulky and my space is limited I wait as long as I can to load my winter coats, boots and shovel in my van. I hate moving stuff to move if ya know what I mean! I keep most of it at my daughters during the not winter months. I broke down and went and got my winter coat cause it’s getting brrrr!
Oh did I tell you??? I get cold in October and will not warm up again until April. Think I will get a hot flash on a cold winters night? Noooooo that would be wayyyy to convenient! Hahaha!

The weather channel becomes my daily check! One of the other things about winter is I have to drain my tanks and turn my water off! So I watch for consistantly freezing or below temps. It’s almost a game! Haha! To see how long I can keep my running water for. I do not want to blow out my tanks but I also want running water for as long as I can have it! It looks like it will be this weekend. Boohoo! Running water is not a necessity. I have lived 2 winters without it. But it is a nice convenience!

There are a number of things to consider as winter creeps closer. The way I am parked. As weather gets nasty the wind picks up. I can not keep my fridge going on propane if I have that side into the wind. Sometimes it’s so windy it does not make a difference. Then I am looking for somewhere to park that is surrounded by trees or beside a wall. Or I just hope it’s cold enough that the inside of my fridge will not warm enough during the night or the day while I am at work that things will go bad. I have thrown my fair share of food away due to that fact. It has made me very aware.

Somethings I have to get my body used to. Not just the cold. But to keep my furnace working cause I like it warm, I have to get up about 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night and run the van for about 15 min. I do not have a generator and the furnace will run down my house battery. Remember I also work full time. Some days are more than 8 hours. Somedays I am driving all day. It takes time for my system to adjust to those wake ups. But it adjusts. I am looking into a remote starting system that I can start from my bed and has a 15 min timer on it. That way I can fall back to sleep. There is nothing like falling asleep and leaving the van running for a couple of hours and a quarter tank of gas!!! Nooooo I have never done that! Hahaha! Yup I have! That sucks!

So in 2 days it will be 5 months to running water and 4 years and 4 months until running water all year long! Woohoo!

Stay warm you all! Thanks for coming to visit! Do not forget to visit my You Tube Channel for more Chipmunk Adventures!

See you soon! Safe Travels!!


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