Here comes Winter! Uggg!

The wind starts to blow and the trees change color faster. The temperature starts to drop. The sky darkens and night comes quicker. Winter is approaching! YUCK!!
Now do not go thinking I do not like winter because I live in a van! Oh nooo! I have always not liked winter! Even when I was a kid! You know when all the kids are standing around in their Jean jackets and its freezing outside and there is this one kid with a snow suit on? ✋ That was me! 😁 I am Not a snow bunny! I do not like being cold. And pretty much until I was about 45 I was always cold! Now I am still mostly cold but REALLY hot for moments! Hahaha! I told you I was a HOT woman! 😉 Do I get them when I need them??? Nooooo cause lifes not like that! It’s a just keep laughing moment! 🤣🤣

It’s not so much the snow all though it makes getting around hard sometimes. Driving a vehicle this big and heavy has both advantages and disadvantages. Its weight will push you through but it will also not allow you to push it! Haha! The basement (under storage) is low and can get bogged down. The biggest advantage is if it gets too bad, I can pull off, turn on my furnace and make a coffee. And yup done that many times. It makes traveling less stressful because anywhere safe will do. No looking for hotels or diners. Keep my gas tank full and I can be storm stayed for days!

One thing different about vanlife and house life is space. Winter takes up a lot of space. With boots and coats and hats and scarves. Snow pants and extra blankets and water bottles, it gets crowded in here! I will confess and when my friends read this they will shake their heads and say “yup”….I am not the most organized person in the world. It’s almost like a talent..I have talent just not that kind! Lol! I do pretty good as this is a small space and you need to be somewhat organized or things would be flying everywhere everytime you move. That would be annoying! But yes I still lose stuff in the van! Lol! That annoys me too! Another keep on laughing moment. When you get all the winter wear and then winter needs ..a shovel, ice melting salt it seems to be everywhere. Then I feel disorganized! I do not like that feeling! Then there is also no running water! Big UGGGG! But it’s only for about 5 months. Inconvenience yes! Catastrophic no! 😊

But I am Canadian! We have 4 seasons! And I am a make the best of it kind if girl! There are some parts of winter that are almost magical! Where the snow falls and glitters off the moon and makes the air twinkle! The crispness and cleanliness of the smell of the air after a fresh fallen snow. The stillness as the snow quietly falls! Those things I do love! Lighting a candle, a cup of hot chocolate watching the snow fall. All those things I could not feel if I did not experience winter.

So with the minis holy shit temperatures I turn of my furnace, light my candle, take a sip of hot chocolate and remember the beautiful parts of winter that makes it easy to Make the best of it!

Cheers! 5 months and counting! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Is Spring here yet????

Thanks for visiting!!!!

See you on the Next Chipmunk Adventure!


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