What’s at the End of the Road???

Do you ever go past a road and look down it and wonder….where does that road go?? I do all the time! Turned around a few times too! Lol! Because sometimes you just have to! When you look down that road it just pulls at you to know where does it go???? Sometimes the road just ends! Lol! Nothing fabulous just ends! And sometimes you get to see some amazing things!

There was this little road that looked like it led right out to the lake. I passed by it many times when I was working up north. Some roads I will get out and walk before I drive down them. This part is the second part of the road. When I turned off the highway it was a marina parking lot with this little road on the other side. Hmmm wonder where that goes??? Yes I did walk a ways to make sure I fit! And yes I have had to back out of a few. But having to back out does not usually stop me. Thinking I may get stuck….now that might stop me. It looked a little bumpy but ok so off I went. To the chagrin of the boat guy who told me I would not make it! Hahahaha! Now I kind a gotta! Yup I am that kinda girl!

At the end of this road was a beautiful peninsula! Lots of room to turn around, picnic tables. Nice dinner spot!!! No overnight parking signs tho! Darn!!!!

I Love to wander!!! You know just drive! No real destination! I believe the journey is just as important as the destination and if you do not have to have a destination its even better! 4.5 years to no destination! I can not wait!
I turned down this little road that turned out to be not so little!! Lol! It went for miles!!! What a beautiful drive it was! Small bridges over water ways…like small bridges!!! Haha! I was squeezing! Wooden boards you could feel shift underneath you as you drove over them. You do not know whether to go slow and creep or hit the gas, close your eyes and hope for the best! Hahaha! It’s awesome!! Wooohoooo! Moments!

As I have told you before I love cemeteries!! Did you know that not all roads named Cemetery Road have a cemetery on them??? That is just false advertising I think! 😁 I have gone down many of those roads and found old beautiful cemeteries. Some abandoned. Some beautifully taken care of. I find that if the road is named Cemetery Road and it does actually have a cemetery on it. It is usually an older cemetery. I like those best!

On the subject of Wandering!! Who all loves to follow plaques? You know those plaques in the side of the road that say historic place this way or something happened here! I always have to walk or drive over to see what it says. I have read a lot of interesting things on those plaques and then I came across this one! Then you have to wonder if anyone is watching you as you laugh!

I hope everyone has there own fun exploring and thank you for letting me share some fun places with you all!

If you have found something interesting at the end of the road let me know in the comments! I would love to hear about it!

Safe travels! See you next time! ✌


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