Personal and Social Stigma of Living in a Van!

For the love of the open road anytime of year!!

What did friends and family say when you told them you were moving out on the road? For me it was a mixture of WTH are you thinking and Oh that is so you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

We can all say we do what we want but we all have important people in our lives that we care about and care about us. At least I hope we all do! We value their opinions. They value ours! There were people that liked the idea and people that did not but supported my decision (those are the keepers ๐Ÿค—). There were people that thought I was nuts and told me so. I take your opinion but in the end its it’s my life. I have a very large social circle which I love. But with that also comes other nonsense. People make stuff up! Did you notice that? One girlfriend called me and told me I was nuts for quitting my job and selling everything and living like a hobo! Hahaha! Where on earth did you get that info??? I was not quitting my job. I had 7 years to retirement at that point. I was moving into a van with all the amenities of a RV! Not on a sidewalk! Hahaha! And it went on. It seems no matter if they know you or not if you do not own a house or rent an apartment you are down and out! Or just plain wrong!

You are Homeless…..No I am Houseless!!!

When you go to friends houses and park in their driveways. “You need to sleep in the house”. No I am sleeping in my bed. Its comfy! “But you do not have to sleep in the van”…… It is my home! I put the analogy this way….if I lived next door in a brick and mortar house would I sleep in your house? Of course not!! Then why would I sleep in your house when mine is just out the front door?

Socially it is the same. Someone says nice van. I tell them I live in it. Ohhhh you poor thing. Can I get you something to eat? Hahaha! No my cupboards are full. Although it is nice to know there are people out there willing to help. That social stigma is something we all who make this choice have to live with. For some it is the unknown. The unknown scares people. And then the stories begin! And unfortunately we become a threat. It goes all the way to the kids.

Let me tell you a story…out of the mouths of babes.

Walking with my grandson Erik and his friend, they were about 8 at the time. He whispered to his friend “my grandma lives in van” I asked him why he whispered it was not a secret. He said when he told them at school at first they did not believe him and then when it was confirmed they said he should not be telling people because it would be embarrassing. Hahaha! What? I told him that I was very proud of my decision and that people should not make assumptions on no basis of fact. He could tell who ever he likes. His Grandma is cool!!! Hahahaha!

I personally am kind of a unique individual and have never been “a crowd follower”. Peoples opinions that I do not know really does not concern me! And some people I know their opinions do not concern me. Lol! Unfortunately because of that stigma people automatically assume that when they see a vandweller they need help or are a threat!
What can we do? When we park somewhere do not leave a mess! If you are boondocking in a parking lot. It is a parking lot not a campsite! When people make that assumption do not get angry, educate them about our lifestyle and the wonderful adventures that it holds. I believe it takes an adventurous soul to do what we do. It is not for everyone.

I Love my Nomadic Lifestyle! Maybe through this blog I can help educate others. Help them understand this is a lifestyle choice. Maybe not for them but for wonderful people with wonderful dreams. My hope is that for those people that want to but think they can not…Yes you can! It’s not only sharing my adventures but inspiring you to open your mind and see life at many levels! Not just one!

Cheers to a wonderful Adventure!
See you next time!


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