Everything is Figureoutable!

I love this story for it is so true!

Which Wolf do you feed?

I believe we all have this fight that goes on inside of us! The dark against the light. The sorrow against the joy! The will to fight and the desire to curl into a baĺl and just give up! People tell me I am a strong woman. There are moments that I do not feel strong. There are moments when the desire to curl into a ball and just not fight anymore are strong! But the real strength comes from knowing tomorrow is coming. That with the fight will come a win! And with that Win will come a sense of accomplishment and reverence!

Everything is Figureoutable!

I Love that saying! Because it is true! Everything is! There is a way around, through or over any obstacle put in your way! You just need to believe and watch for the opportunities life gives you to accomplish that. Through that journey it is amazing what you will discover. Both about you and what you are capable of.

The reason I moved into the Roadtrek was money. Due to circumstances I will not get into 3 years ago I was $257,000 in debt with 2 mortgages. Today was my last payment on my creditor proposal. Never did I think that this day would ever come! Those days in the house, on my knees because I was litterly drowning and could see no option of how the hell I was going to get out of this!

Then an answer came in this goofy awesome guy in a white van! He made me laugh which is something I had not done in a long time. He also opened my eyes to non conventional ideas and thoughts.

There were a number of things I could do. I knew I had to sell the house. That was hard! I loved that little house. But between the cost of running it and the fact I travel for a living and was never there meant there was no way I could keep it. Places to live? Well I knew my friends and my kids would take me in but really??? Ummm no! 53 and living in someone elses house? Ummm no! I am a very proud woman and this whole thing has been very hard. I love my friends and they love me and I so like to keep it that way. Moving into the van was the only real option in my eyes. I could save money and still have my independence. I did not know at that time how much I so would come to enjoy the freedom that comes with it!

Had John not come into my life I am not sure where I would be. Had I not opened my eyes to those unconventional thoughts. Those ideas that were so far out funky and green. Haha! Have not said that in a long time! 😎 Had I fed the doubts and the fears of the bad wolf where would I be?

Right now! Right here! I am breathing a sigh of relief. What comes tomorrow I do not know. I know the fight continues. I know I will continue to feed the good wolf! To Believe in me! What I feel! What I can accomplish!

To Believe Everything is Figureoutable!

Winning!!! Hahaha!

Thanks for dropping in and coming along on my Chipmunk Adventures!

See you all real soon!


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