When it’s time to find a plug!

Most of the time I boondock. But when the temps turn down right minus holy crap then it’s time to find a plug. Oh the furnace can keep up with the cold, the house battery can not. To say I would be constantly running the van is almost true! By the time the temps fall to 0C or 32F I am starting the van around every 3 hours. Sit and let it run for 15 min then she will be fine for another 3 hours. I can handle that but running her every hour is not good for her and not good for me either. Time to find a plug!

The nice thing about living in a van is you can choose where to go! My home office, my kids, my friends are all in the Niagara Falls area. The white dot, Barrie is where I am working. The pink dot is where I decided to go for the weekend.

When Friday came and they were calling for EXTREME snow in the south and extreme temps in the north I chose extreme temps! Hahaha! I hate shoveling. If I have to pick cold or snow I pick cold. And that is just because I live in a van. Now if there had been campgrounds open in the winter in the south I may have considered it. But since I am mobile 95% of the time road conditions are very important. And yes I could have parked in someone’s driveway and plugged in and helped them shovel but did I mention??? I really do not like doing that. When I lost everything the only thing I had left was my pride! If it gets extreme then yes I will reach out. But standing on my own…… that no one can take!

That is all me! It’s what my parents taught me and it was a lesson well learned! Like I said in my last blog! Everything is figureoutable so figure it out! Lol! My Dad right there! 💜
So North I decided to go. Less snow and more beauty! I am enchanted with the forest at any time of year so it was an easy pick. I need a plug and forest. There are 5 provincial parks open for RV camping in Ontario. Mew Campground in Algonquin park is one of them. Went to the website, reserved a campsite and looked forward to a ROADTRIP! Woohoo! I so love driving the open highways! It’s a relaxation I get nowhere else in life!

Stopped at the West gate got my permit and pulled into the park. I immediately got lost and ended up by the lake. Sitting there looking at the map I looked out my window to this little face looking at me. Hahaha! He was sooooo cute. Reminded me of our ferrets we had! Awesome little pets. A lot of work but worth it! These little guys and gals are called Pine Martins. I am told they are very smart and resourceful and curious creatures. Haha! Like me! Lol! What a great start to a good weekend!

When I arrived it the temperature was just below 0. It was a beautiful winter wonderland. I found my site, and looked for the power pole! Ohhh looks like shoveling will be involved. Haha! Darn! But the snow was fluffy and light. The kind of day you do not mind being outside. Ohhh if it would only stay that way.

All ready to enjoy a beautiful weekend in the forest. Plugged my little heater in, made a coffee and went for a short walk. It was starting to get dark and I have no sense of direction so let’s not get lost in the woods, in the dark, with temperatures falling shall we! Haha! Got back to the van and spent a nice evening listening to the sounds of the forest as I drifted off to sleep.

About 5 am I woke up and realized it was flippin freezing in here. I had left the small heater going but did not turn on the furnace. Holy hannah! I reached up and turned the furnace on. Now of course I have to pee. I put my feet on the 2 carpets on the floor and geeezus that was cold. Now I really had to pee! Hahaha! Yup you will get there if you are not there already! Lmao!

My furnace is an amazing little device! Of all the electric heaters I have had in here it warms the van the very best. I snuggled in and went back to sleep.

Getting up to make coffee, socks and slippers needed and realize I need to break up the ice in one jug of water. The other is totally frozen! Hahaha! That my friends is what I call minus holy shit. It was cold in here. I needed a better electric heater. I have propane but i do not want to constantly run it. There is no going for a walk anyway it’s just way to cold.

So off to Walmart. An hour and half away! Lmao! But….ROADTRIP! That is always a woohoo no matter what the reason! Found a better heater (but not great) and a 12v electric blanket (that is great).

Back to the campsite for a roast beef dinner and cup of tea! An evening of watching disaster movies in the comfort of my home deep in the woods. A Peace of Paradise!
Back to reality and work today. But not quite yet! Maybe another coffee with my relaxing view and I can stay in paradise just a little longer!

Thanks for coming along on another Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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