On the Hunt for Propane!

Even when I am hoteling it for work I spend most of my time in my van. It is home. The way I explain it to people is if your home was in the parking lot of the hotel. Where would you go to chill? Most say home! Hahaha! See!! My home is in the parking lot. It is where I am most comfortable. Most times I will even sleep in the van and use the hotel room for showers! Lol! People think I am nuts but then again I do not care what people think. I am comfy! And I do believe I am a little nuts! I think we all have to be a little to get through this thing called life! Don’t you??

When the weather is bad it will involve many times getting up to start the van to recharge the battery so I can keep the furnace going, then I move into the hotel. It’s hard getting interrupted sleep and having to work and think especially when I am on a project. 2 or 3 times I can handle but when it’s this cold it’s more than that. It wears me out.
So I am hoteling it for a couple of weeks in Barrie. I go out to the van one night and realize the furnace is running. I was running at 1/3 of a tank of propane. Now I am at almost 0. Did I leave it on?? No, its turned off. I have no idea why the furnace started. It was in the -20’s that night. Maybe that had something to do with it. I am not sure. It has not done that before so I can only guess. But it presents me with a problem. I head back to my main office area in a couple of days and knew I could get propane there. With 1/3 of a tank I would be ok until I get back. But it’s also winter. I do not want to be on the road and hit a winter storm and can not pull off and make coffee. Haha! Or keep warm if I had to stay. But with my gauge reading empty I do not want to chance it. Now I have to find a vehicle propane pump. Sounds easy eh! Hahaha! Not so much.

I search google. Nothing I could find in Barrie. I call a couple of RV places. The closest place is an hour nor of Barrie. Hahaha! Really?? I call Superior propane who has a depot here and they tell me there is nothing that they know of but to go to their yard in Barrie and maybe the guys can help. So I get in my van and drive to their yard. Nope the guys can not! Lol! The closest propane vehicle pump that sells retail is by the Toronto Airport. Hahaha! Nooooo! I do not want to go into Toronto. I only want to drive through it on the fastest possible route. And I am not real hot about that! Lol! Mind you that route is the most expensive toll road in the world. And I hate paying it but I also hate sitting in traffic! Sooo yup I do.

So North it is. I call the place to make sure I can get propane there and after work set off to find propane. Up #11 highway is also what they call gasoline alley. A bunch of gas stations in a small area competing for business which equals cheaper than town gas! Woohoo! Bonus! But only on the north side of the road which I find kind of strange but whatever works I guess! Lol!

It was a little snowy when I left but cleared as I went north. A nice drive and cheap gas and guaranteed heat! Haha! Today is a good day.
The people at Sparling Propane in Breckin were great! Friendly service and I was in and out quickly! Highly recommend their service. Cute little town that I probably would not have ever seen. A most excellent adventure!
Just a note about propane. Propane shrinks when it’s cold and expands when it’s hot. It does not change the amount you have but will change the amount that shows on your sensor gauge. So in the summer you may have less then it shows. In the winter you may have more. Keep that in mind when traveling!

Propane vehicle pumps are not as easy to find as they used to be. Prepare and be prepared. This time I was staying in a hotel for work. If I am out boondocking I want to make sure I am well equipped to handle what ever comes along! Do not get caught with an empty tank in the cold!

Thanks for coming along on another Chipmunk Adventure!

See you next time!


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