A Girl and her Van Should Never be Parted!

So Monday the engine blew. By Wednesday she was off to the mechanics. Its Friday. She is still there. I know she is good hands and she was so sick. Looking on the positive side. I have a place to stay and now a rental. Considering I am 10 hours from anyone that I knew could help. I think it is working out pretty good. Not as planned but pretty good. Ya gotta love friends! Everything is figureoutable!

But I will whine now! I miss my van! It is amazing how you get used to having everything you own with you all the time. This morning when I left for work it was -13C (minus holy shit in any language lol) and reached for my gloves. They are in the van. Went to have my apple cider yesterday and realized it’s in the van. But not only for the convenience of having all your stuff, but also for the freedom of carrying your bed everywhere. Thursday night when I am traveling would be a where can I go this weekend evening. But it can only be a day trip. Not to far out. Early day back roads. You do not want to get lost out there and it become dark and you not be able to just pull over and make coffee. And yes I have done that a few times. Backroads are rough and you have to be able to see what the heck you are running into.

I think mostly it’s just the fact if all else fails I can just go home! I was in Elliot Lake last year. The power went out and the lodge had a wood burning stove in the lounge to keep us all warm. I stayed for a drink and said “well I am going home”. The other guests looked at me like I was insane!! It was a blizzard out there. The owner laughed and said she is going to her RV in the parking lot! Hahaha! Yup! I have heat, light and power if you all need anything charged. Lol! #Roadtrek power! 💪The outage did not last long but I slept in the van. I was too comfy to move. I was home! 🚐💜

Did you know I went without wheels for 3 whole days! Cabbing it, borrowing a vehicle from work. Oh my stars! What an inconvenience!! But not even that! I have not been without a vehicle for more than 24 hours since before I had a drivers licence. Yup I owned a car before I was licensed to drive. My Dad and Mom bought me a 1969 Datsun B-210 for I think $150. It was a little box car with a standard 5 speed transmission on the floor. It needed some work to get it roadworthy and for the next year my Dad and I worked on it to get it ready for my 16th birthday. 3 days after my 16th birthday I had my drivers licence. Now I was driving before that. My Dad taught me to drive a few things. Tractors (I grew up in farm country), bulldozers, Bobcats, and his 73 Ford pickup, 3 on the tree. He would tape blocks on the peddles so I could push the clutch to the floor and a pillow behind my back so I could use my upper arm strength to turn the steering wheel (Armstrong steering makes you strong like bullshit he would always say, Haha! ). They are nice memories! But see never without a vehicle!

Another thing is I am always the driver. I am not comfortable passenger at all. I was married for close to 30 years and I drove everywhere. When I go places with my friends I drive and they come with me. The few times I have gone with them, yup you got it I usually drove. Now since I am not much of a drinker I am the driver most of the time. I like the fact I am driving and my friends get home safe! The only time I went away with someone else driving was with John for 3 weeks in his Roadtrek. That was before I bought mine and he taught me a lot about this lifestyle. The next time we went away I had mine! I liked that better! If all else fails I can just drive away! Lol! I really like having my own space and control of where my space is. Liking being alone in my own space was a learning experience all on it’s own and a whole other blog! Lol!

What did I do for 3 days? I paced! I jittered! I could not stay focused. I was ok at work I am on a project. Enough to keep my mind busy. It was not really that I wanted to go anywhere. But that I could not! I was TRAPPED!! My daughter Tanya once told me I had confinement issues! Lol! All the animals we had I did not like to cage them! As a result we lost a few! 😥 But there is nothing like standing in the kitchen and have a ferret lick your ankles, look down and see this cutey little creature wanting some lovin or to be picked up so they could see what was going on, 😂 or a cockatiel land on your shoulder and kiss your cheek!

As of today it is 4 years until I am truly free. My retirement date! Until then me and my Chipmunk will live as free as we can and enjoy all the adventures that life is offering! The rental is nice but there is nothing as sweet as home!

Hurry home girl! I am waiting for our next adventure!

Stay tuned to for updates and her homecoming!

See you on the next Chipmunk Adventure!


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