A Moment to Catch my Breath!

It has been a crazy month!! Murphy was not my friend although he seldom is! It is now time to take a moment and just Breathe!

Timmins was a great trip except for a few minor things! Minus OMG temperatures right up until I left. I hate winter! Did I mention that? Lol! More snow than imaginable and it just kept snowing! Soooo not a snow bunny!! Lol! The van breaking down, me breaking down, and to boot both arms breaking off my glasses!!! Hahaha! At the point you just have to laugh!

The engine in the van going was a wholly crap moment. 10 hours away from anybody I knew who could do that kind of work. At least $1000 to float it back down south then the all encompassing problem of me being 10 hours away from my van! How would I get back? I had a hotel for 3 weeks and could get a car but after that I was on my own! Dam!!! Hmmmm what to do! Please do not forget that I was running a project at work and the morning the engine blew I had a meeting at 6:30 am. The engine blew at 6 am. I was at that meeting. The project was a success! 😊

Then a friend that knew a friend that happened to be 200 km away and had the knowledge and space to do the job! Wow!!! Considering I was litterly in the middle of nowhere that was amazing! Loaded it up and sent it off. He had some prior commitments so the deadline to when I run out of car and roof and the time that the van would be ready was close, and that is if everything went smoothly! Haha! Smh!! Going smoothly is not what I am used too! Just keep laughing this time with fingers crossed!
For the first time since I began this journey on my own, Homeless was a real possibility. I could not last long with car rental and hotel! I knew that! Frankly the thought was terrifying! What I call a heart pounder! Haha! Not a nice feeling and never one I want to feel again. All I could do was cross my fingers and hope it all worked out. I had the right people in the right places so everything that was in my control I had used! Now it was up to fate!

One day after the deadline I was home! Phewww! I was so relieved!

Picked up the van in New Liskeard and started heading south. Stopped for the night at a truck stop in North Bay! Got to Huntsville and was in such pain. After some coaxing from my friend, drove myself to the hospital. After a transfer to another hospital my van and I were again separated! But by only 30 min this time! Lol! The morphine was kicking in so it did not matter much. Again my friends come through and Kim comes up and Tom took my van back down south. Like and everything in my van. Did not even leave me a toothbrush!! Hahaha! Again I was a away from home. It was now 10 hours away! And too beat all my glasses broke so I had to try and balance on morphine! Hahaha! Ugggg!
After a rather quick but not so quick 3 days and a road trip with my girlfriend back down south I was again home! A little bruised and beaten and minus a gallbladder but home felt oh so good!

It was a heart stopping month but it is over. The van is running beautifully and soon I will be too. Today is really the first day I felt human and it did not hurt to move. There is still some recovery time and I went and bought new glasses. But a relaxing morning having coffee at home is the perfect remedy!

All is good and time to take a breath and get ready for the next Chipmunk Adventure!

Thank you for all the well wishes and a special thank you to my community of friends that made all right possible! I am so very Blessed!

Blessed Be!


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