One of my favorite “Day spots!”

I have had a few people ask me what I mean by “Day spot”.

One of the first things I found hard getting used to is where to go after work. I mean life is pretty “normal”. I get up for work, spend all day at work and then what??? Normally I would be rushing home because the lawn needs cutting or the house needed cleaning, the cat would have to go out, but living in a van, I step out the door at work and I am home. Hmmmm now what??? I can not go shopping. I have no room for anything and I really do not like shopping. All my friends are at work or busy with their lives. Hmmmm where to go.

At first I was kind of lost. I do not usually go to my night time spot until it is starting to get dark. Get there later and leave early and I have found I can sleep just about anywhere. In and out without a lot of notice which is pretty good considering I am 19′ long and 9.5′ high I would say! Hahaha!

I get off of work usually around 3. So especially in the summer when it gets dark later what to do. I need to find somewhere that I can cook dinner and have a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. I did work all day. I found day parks, marinas, and roadside picnic areas are perfect for this! Conservation areas are awesome as for $10 – $12 I can go do my laundry, have a shower, go for a walk and have a nice relaxing dinner. I will do those once or twice a week when they are in season. There are some that are just walking trails with a parking lot at the beginning!! Ohhh bonus as sometimes I just stay. As long as there is no “no overnight” parking sign I will usually chance it. But I very seldom stay in the same place more than 2 nights in a row.

The park I am in today is Charles Daley Park in St. Catharines. I like this time of year because they are not busy with people yet. It’s still a little cool down by the lake. It is only April in Ontario so we are not to summer yet. So a nice walk, with a coat and hat on lol, a good dinner and a comfy place to write a blog!

In an hour or so I will leave and go to my night time spot.
Let’s talk about those. I think it was one of my biggest worries when I started this rvlife

Where would I sleep? As it turns out it is one of least! Lol! A few things I have learned a long the way!

Google maps and satellite are my best friend!

When I am travelling… I have a rule when traveling especially 2 lane highways. Always be parked by dusk! The animals start to roam at that time. Some of those animals will flippin take you out with sheer size alone! Later in the afternoon I will Google where I will be at sunset. I change the map to satalite and look for pull offs, side roads, or even just a truck stop. On more main highways carpool areas and rest areas. Walmart signs are like little bed signs! Lol! But you have to be careful as some do not allow you to stay.
When I am at my home office..the places are the same. But I rotate and will not spend more than 2 days in a row in any of them. There are days when my girlfriends will convince me to driveway surf but I feel like a squatter! Lol! And I will stay by my daughters. She actually has an awesome beach by her place. It has no overnight parking signs but I have stayed a few times and got away with it! Lol! Walking the line!!! Rebel that I am! 😁
Where ever I go I am respectful of the place and the people around me. Usually I spend the first 20 min cleaning up garbage because people are pigs! Oh btw way if you throw something on the ground and hear a crazy lady yell “PICK THAT UP ITS YOUR WORLD TOO” she may be driving a Chipmunk! 🚐

Time to make a coffee and think about moving! Living the vanlife and loving it!

See you all on my next Chipmunk Adventure!


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