When the Creepy Guy Shows Up!

Sitting in a park. Enjoying the moment and a guy drives by slowly. Then he circles and does it again. This guy did it 3 times. The last time he did it I put my window down and looked directly at him. He went and parked behind me. I made sure he seen me take a picture and look at him in my mirror. He left shortly after.

Have you ever had that? Girl or guy it makes no difference. Creepy does not have a gender. Someone that just makes you feel uncomfortable? I am a follow my gut kind of girl! If it does not feel right make it feel right. There are a couple of strategies I use that I would like to share that keeps me safe and comfortable.

Sometimes I will pull into a place and park. I will sit in the drivers seat and take a good look around especially if I am planning to spend the night. Not so much to see who is around but to get a feel of the environment. Just sitting and watching and being attuned to what is going on around you There have been places like a Walmart or a truck stop I have pulled in and just got a not nice feeling. Something was off. Pay attention to those. I usually will start my van and find another place. It is just as easy as that!

There are different levels of creepy. There is the ewwww get away from me creepy. Where they do not feel harmful or not enough you can not handle them. Like the guy in the pick up. He did not seem like he would attack me but gave that icky feeling that I needed to keep my eye on him. He probably will not come near but will watch me from a distance. Or the people that do not want to hurt you just rob from and are waiting for you to leave or think you have gone. Lol!

PS…Cowards will run when confronted! Do not be afraid to safely show them your confidence!

I was sitting at a marina. It was warm summer day. I had both the passenger and drivers windows open to let the air in and was sitting in the back working on a blog listening to the water. Across the parking lot by the waters edge was a boardwalk with a bench to sit and look at the water. An older couple had come with their little dog and was sitting chatting on the bench. As I sat I could see out my side windows (which are tinted, I can see out, they can not see in) and noticed a teenager walking up looking at my open window and watching the couple. Back and forth he looked. Stood for a moment then got closer to the van. All the while keeping his eye on the couple. Standing beside the open window he looks in. My phone was on the console. All the while I am sitting in the back watching him. Waiting to see what he is going to do.

Now I am going to interject that it is a long way from outside that window to the center console. To get that phone he would have to halfway crawl through the window or open the door but stupid is as stupid does. He starts to reach in the window all the while keeping his eye on that couple. When he has his arm halfway through the window I yell “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING”!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I thought he was going to lose his pants he jumped so hard. Ran like a bat out of hell. Smashing his arm on the window cover in the process! That I am sure left a good bruise if it did not cut him! Hahaha! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pith my pants!!!! Hahahaha!
Those creepy I can handle. Then there is the other creepy. The creepy that raises the hair on the back of your neck and your gut says get out!!! Just do it! Do not question it! Do not doubt it! Just get out.

I was sitting in a park one day. My side door open, had the stereo on doing some cleaning and organizing and I noticed a car pull in not to far away from me. Now that is not out of the ordinary but I was on a large plateau with no else around. There were lots of places he could have parked but chose there. Not to daunting in itself but something was telling me that this could be trouble. I started to pack stuff away to move and I noticed that he had started to walk closer to the van. He then did a wide circle and then leaned on the hood if his car and lit a smoke and looked at me and just smiled! It was not a nice smile. It was a sneer smile. I went cold. I closed my door and made sure he heard the automatic locks. Started the van and left him standing there. Not smiling anymore.

There are some awesome people out there. Most just want to know about the van or my lifestyle. When I am driving my 69. She gets a lot of attention! Yes I talk to people. Yes I answer their questions. People in general are interesting and most are good people. But bad things happen to good people! There is no rhyme or reason it just happens. There are those few that are a danger. It is our job to keep ourselves safe. No I do not carry a gun nor do I feel I should. I am not scared but I am aware!

Follow your gut! If you are right you are safe! If you are wrong you are still safe! Be attuned to your surroundings and if it does not feel right. Start your van and move! We are on 4 wheels!

Stay safe!

See you on the next Chipmunk Adventure!


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