One Roadtrip Leads to Another!

Last weekends Roadtrip got me itching for another. I have been in one place longer than anytime I can remember. Covid put a large stop on traveling and I really did not know how much I missed it until I felt the highway under my wheels. Now I am wiggling! Lol!

I am hoping for a few clear, nice days so I can finish painting the van. I have the decals ordered and the the pinstripping just arrived. I am a just get done kind of girl and the waiting is killing me. Lol. Hopefully next week we can get 4 days of good weather and git’r done!

This week Kim called and said she wanted to go to Huntsville to get soap. Yes you read that right. There is a little soap shop, Soapstone Natural Skincare on Main St that has some really nice selections of hand and body products. It is about 4 hours north from her place. We made a plan and set off.

Huntsville is a nice little town. Has everything you need in a beautiful Northern atmosphere. Just an FYI for my fellow boondockers the Walmart is warm and welcoming. Unfortunately they are doing major work on Main St. It is such a pretty little street with quaint shops that line it.

Soap in hand we decided to go to a little general store in a little place called Dorset. Robinson’s General store has been owned by the same family since 1921. A not so little store in a very little town that had everything you could imagine. It was worth the stop.

There are so many things to see in that area. Bracebridge and Gravenhurst are beautiful areas with waterfalls and forests. Civilization nestled in the beauty of Ontario. Even the Walmart is nice to stay in!

Bracebridge Walmart

One place I have never been just outside of Gravenhurst is the Torrence Barren Dark Sky Perserve. Kim suggested we make a stop there. A beautiful clear night the stars would be magnificent.

Winding through the small 2 lane road we came across a few pull offs as well as a very crowded parking lot. Just as described it was dark but even at 10 pm the stars were still not out. We sat and chatted in the van and watched the beauty of the night sky appear. Again I wished I could make my camera would take the night sky. With a Cresent moon the stars shown. You could see the Milky Way in all her brilliance and the Big Dipper was out in full force.

We stayed until about 1 am then headed back. Along the road down we saw a couple of animals cross our path. The second we guessed was a coywolf. A mixture between a wolf and a coyote. Smaller than wolf and nastier than a coyote. They are prevalent in that area.

What a great roadtrip. Plans for the next one. There is a van run in Quebec in early August. I took my 69 Econoline last time but this time I think I will take my home. The Provincial borders have just opened up and Newfoundland is open. I hear the ruins of a Viking Village and the roar of the ocean calling me. There is a ferry that goes from Quebec to Newfoundland. Less then a 2 hour ride, less time on a boat the better, and a reasonable rate to ride. Where does it land? On Viking trail. How exciting!

A Chipmunk Adventure awaits. The count down is on!

Thanks for coming on my Chipmunk Adventure.

See you next week


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