48 Hours in Niagara Falls Ontario

The Honeymoon Capital of the world it is called. A small city in Ontario that holds one of the seven wonders of the world. A place where you can forget the world exists and fall in love with the roar of the Falls and the beauty and culture Niagara Falls has to offer.

I grew up and raised my kids about 40 minutes from “the falls”. It is one of the nice thing about Niagara Falls. It is a great place to go if you are young or old or anyone in the middle. Something for everyone. I am pretty sure that most people that have come to visit I have taken on a tour of Niagara Falls. So let’s go spend the weekend and have some fun.

Where to Stay

There are numerous hotels to choose from. If you would like a little nightlife and excitement with your stay the Fallsview is the place to go. With a casino attached if your into “pulling an arm” or catch a show it adds a little sparkle to your stay. The views from the rooms of the Falls is spectacular especially at night when the lights get turned onto the water.

A room with a view

If your looking for family fun Great Wolf Lodge is a hotel with a huge water park. You can even climb in a water tree fort. Ok I might even want to do that. With kids events such as story time to dance parties they will be kept busy all day. A warm dinner before a comfy night makes for full and fun day.

Great Wolf Lodge

Museums and Shops

Take a stroll down Clifton Hill for a day filled with adventure. Stop in at Movieland Wax museum and see the stars or Castle Dracula Wax Museum to see the macabre. If you like the weird and the wonderful Ripleys Believe It or Not or experience the Ripley’s Moving Theater. Do not forget there is a gift shop at the end of every museum. A souvenir for everyone. Ride the Niagara Skywheel located in the middle of Lundy’s Lane. A 175 foot tall ferris wheel that also runs at night for some breathtaking views.

Clifton Hill

Eating and Drinking

You have your choice of places to eat in Niagara Falls. Feeling like a steak, you can choose from places such as Kelsey’s, Ruby Tuesdays or The Keg. Looking for some locally crafted beer and and some mouth watering BBQ check out Niagara Distillery and Billy Bones BBQ.

Beer and Bones!

For some family dinner fun check out the Rainforest Cafe. Imagine eating with a moving Gorilla watching you or spy a giant snake slithering through the trees while you take your seat. Dinner in a jungle with animatronic animals keeping you company. Looking for a good old fashion family restaurant Clifton Hill Family Restaurant has been there as long as I can remember and is always a good meal with wonderful atmosphere.


There are a number of attractions located in the falls. Not far from Clifton Hill is The Bird Kingdom. The worlds largest indoor avery. What a fun place to go. Walk the pathways with a Toucan watching or marvel at the over 40 different species of birds flying around you. It is a colorful and exciting tour.

He is watching me

If you like a little less flutter The Butterfly Conservatory with over 2000 butterflies fluttery around you as you walk the paths in one of the largest glass-encased butterfly conservatories cannot help make you giggle and give you a relaxing feeling.

Make sure you check out the Niagara Falls Museum and discovery the history of the falls and all the people that have actually gone over the Falls. Both by accident or on purpose. The first person to go over the Falls and survive was a 63 year old school teacher Annie Taylor in 1901 in a barrel. That must have been a rough ride!

My Grandboys hanging on! Lol

The largest attraction is of course the falls themselves. One of the Seven Wonders of the world Niagara Falls is actually made up three falls, The largest being the Horsehoe Falls, The American Falls, and The Bridal Veil Falls. It is a 55 meter (167 feet) waterfalls that connects Lake Erie and Lake Ontario by way of the Niagara River. There has been only two times in history the water has stopped falling. In 1848 a large ice flow dammed the Niagara River causing the water to slow to a trickle. Again in 1969 when the State of New York stopped the American Falls to repair some erosion. I remember being a little girl and seeing that. The 1969 one. Just making that clear. Lol.

Niagara Falls

As you walk the Parkway along side of the Falls and the gorge you can feel the mist of the Falls falling gently on you, by contrast you can also hear the roar of the water cascading over the brink. It is quite a feeling to stand next to the brink and watch, listen, feel the power of over 3,000 tons of water rushing past you.

The power at the brink

Now we get to my favorite place in Niagara Falls. A trip under the Falls to Table Rock. A journey through the access tunnels and the history of the Falls. As you walk through the dimly lot tunnels you feel the moisture from the water rushing up above. The tunnels lead to various points where you can look through or at the rushing water flowing over the brink of the Falls. Following one tunnel will lead you to Table Rock. A large rock jutting out beside the rushing water. To feel the power of the water as it enters the gorge, the roar of the water falling it is empowering feeling. I often would go by myself just to enjoy that feeling.

Table Rock

Table Rock is not the only way to get close to the Falls. Niagara City Boat Cruises offers a trip to the bottom of the Falls. Don a semi-fancy raincape and enjoy the Falls from the bottom looking up.

Take a drive up the Parkway to the Whirlpool. A natural basin that the falls flows into creating a round whirlpool motion of water. There you can also ride an Aero Car, an overhead tram taking over the Whirlpool for some wonderful views. Definitely a Kodak moment. Oops my age is showing again. Hang on while I tuck that back in.

Aero Car

There are many things to do in this beautiful city for everyone. I hope my little tour helps make yours a fabulous one.

See you next week


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