10 Amazing Things To Do in Visiting Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a land of history, beautiful coastlines, and wonderful people. There is so much to see and do in this friendly and interesting province in Canada. Here are my top 10 must-see travel destinations when visiting Nova Scotia. 1. Cabot Trail Driving the infamous Cabot Trail is a road trip you will neverContinue reading “10 Amazing Things To Do in Visiting Nova Scotia”

A Chipmunk Adventure in Halifax

We stayed the night at Graves Island Provincial Park in Chester Nova Scotia. What a very pretty place. A beautiful place to start a beautiful day.  On down the road to Halifax there would be a few stops along the way. We came across this view point with plaques. You know I had to stop.Continue reading “A Chipmunk Adventure in Halifax”

Nova Scotia: The Chipmunk Adventure Continues!

We woke in the morning to a beautiful but cloudy day. The Cabot Trail turns inward from the coast to travel across Cape Breton Island through the mountains. We decided we would stick close to the coast and travel towards the mainland of Nova Scotia. Following Highway 19 along the coast was a beautiful drive.Continue reading “Nova Scotia: The Chipmunk Adventure Continues!”

Roadtripping the Infamous Cabot Trail

After getting off the ferry in North Sydney Nova Scotia we went to Mira River Provincial Park in Albert Bridge for a warm shower and a nice campsite. Just what we needed after an 8 hour boat ride. A smooth boat ride but a boat ride all the same. A nice campground, it was aContinue reading “Roadtripping the Infamous Cabot Trail”