Waiting is the Hardest Part!

I am not much for waiting! Lol! I never really have been. Standing in line waiting, stopped on the highway in traffic waiting, waiting for things to be fixed. And as I grow older my waiting skills have not improved. 😊

Ok I am going to whine now! I miss my van!! 😣

It’s been 2 weeks without my girl. But I was fortunate to find both someone close by and very good at what he is doing so she is in good hands. I have that thought firmly in place. Lol!

It’s strange being without my home. It’s like if something happened like a flood or problem with your house you need to pack a bag, move into a hotel for awhile. There is always something you forgot. As nice as it might be it is not home!

I feel that I am fortunate that I take my home wherever I go. I have everything I own with me at all times. There is no forgetting anything. A girlfriend I was convoying with to a vanning event called me and asked if I packed, ready to go when I got off of work. I paused, and then laughed and said “Yup I am packed”. Lol! Never mind the versatility with exploring but just the fact that I have my own bed to sleep in, my own space. I have been in the hotel for 6 weeks by the end if this week and as thankful as I was when it was -22. I always felt good when I went out just to go home for awhile.

There is another terrifying thought that goes with being without my van. I am homeless while she is broke. Not helpless! I will figure it out but that terrifying thought. Its a shaker!
Never in my life have I been in this position! So a new challenge! Haha! That is the way you have to look at it you know! I could easily go omg…If my van is not done by Saturday I am potentially without wheels, and a roof over my head and freak right out! Does the thought make my heart pound? Oh Ya! But freaking gives me a headache then I can not think! So it’s a time for a Everything is figureoutable moment! I have extended my hotel until Sunday. I have extended my car until Sunday. Luckily I am on travel status for work so the car and the hotel is paid for by the company. But starting Saturday that bill is mine.
Then there is the issue of getting to my van. She is 2 hours away. I have a friend that is an hour away but that is a full day trip for her. Hmmm what to do. If necessary there is a car rental in the same town my van is. Maybe I can do a one way then cab it from the rental place to where the van is. I also do not know when she will be done. If there are complications I may be taking time off work and have to stay here.

Did I mention I am lead on the project I am working on and have huge responsibilities these last 2 weeks! Hahaha! Just keep laughing.

One thing I am glad of is when the mechanic asked me if I was going home after I sent him the RV and I said you will have my home he understood!! A couple times I have taken my RV to a garage and said you can not keep her over night I live in her. They either do not pay attention to what I am saying or they do not believe me. Then they wonder why I get pissed when I drop it off at 8. Phone them at 3 and they tell me they did not get a chance to look at it and will keep it and look at it tomorrow! Ummmmm No!! Am I sleeping in your garage? I would have had to borrow a vehicle because she is my only wheels. Except my 69 but she is a fun vehicle only!!! She gets really pissy if I use her as an everyday vehicle. So I am lucky there that he understands!

Let’s add a winter storm on Friday just to keep it interesting! Hahaha! Laughing harder!
I am ready to go south. Woke up this morning to freezing rain with a layer of ice on the car and no scraper in the rental. Why would you have scraper in a rental car in Timmins in April???? Omg! Really??? Went and bought a scraper today. I am thinking looking at the weather I will need it. Oh btw do I have a scrapper?? Yup in my van with my gloves!! Grrrr!

So I wait! Holding my breath! Believing everything will fall into place and I will be hugging my Grandkids by Sunday! Running water by Monday!!! Which is soooooooo exciting!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure!

Stay tuned to see if it all works!


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