How do you Lose things in a Van?

When I had a 4 bedroom, 2 story house with a full basement and out buildings, 2 kids and a husband I could understand how things came into the house and disappeared. Even when I moved into a smaller house with 2 bedrooms and a garage and just me I kind of could understand! But in a van? Really??? Yup Really!!

Now I will tell you that organization is not my strong skill. Oh everything gets done and mostly I have what I need but sometimes I can not find it, or yup you guessed it I will put it in a “safe” place and boom have no idea where that safe place would be. Sometimes it is the same thing which is really annoying! A perfect example of that is my security badge for work. I now owe the security guy a coffee every time I need a new badge! Oh it’s in here I just can not find it, and yup I usually find it after one bought coffee and the look! Hahaha! The last one I lost for 2 weeks. Now it is small but it’s in a plastic case and has a lanyard on it so it becomes not so small. I also live in a small space! Where could it have gone?? Well as it turns out not exactly where I always put it but I know I looked in that place before and swear it was not there. But I was looking more for the long blue lanyard and I forgot the last time he gave me a pull out cord! Trying a new type to see if I can hang on to it longer! Hahaha! Just what I need a smartass security guy! He is good guy tho! Puts up with my shenanigans! 😇

One thing I would do that with was Christmas and Birthday presents. I would buy stuff, put it away. Sometimes I would stuff it in a closet because the kids were home then plan to move it to the “gift” spot later and yup the later never came. I would be sitting watching the kids open their gifts and realize something was missing. Then the hunt would begin. Sometimes I would remember what but sometimes I would just remember there was something else! Sometimes I would find it that day and sometimes days later! Lmao! The kids were delighted because they never knew if a surprise gift was coming! Well apparently that also happens in the van! July was Katelyn’s birthday. I found a beautiful bracelet with her name on it in a small gift store when I was up north. Finding stuff with her name spelled correctly is hard. Picked it up with a nice bath ball and put it in the van. Luckily I had gotten her a couple of other things because I could not find it anywhere. I had cleaned a bunch of garbage out of the van and thought maybe it got accidentally thrown out with that. I told her I thought I threw out her gift and in September I moved the mattress and there it was. It had slid between the wall and the mattress and apparently right under. Surprise gift! Woohoo!! Lol!

Just did it with purple shoes. Was doing some shifting this morning getting ready to move my winter stuff in. Things get tight in here once the bulky stuff moves in. Winter boots, winter coat, hat, scarves, gloves, heavier blankets! Ugggg! I was moving stuff around in the closet and found a pair of purple shoes still in the bag. I thought I had another pair but could not find it so I ordered a couple more from amazon and now I have 3 new pairs of purple shoes. I try not to have doubles of anything never mind triples! Where were they? Not in the shoe bag I have in the closet but beside it, crushed between the bag and the wall. Hahaha! Oh my stars! So close! Lol!

Life is full of slips and little annoyances of things like loosing things in a van! You just have to laugh and shake your head at the silliness of it all!! I will find it probably when I least expect it! Then what a wonderful surprise it will be!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk adventure! See you next time!


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