Oregon: My Bucket List Destination

I have always wanted to go to Oregon. Even as little girl I can remember an urge to stand on its banks. I am not even sure why. Maybe for its beauty, maybe for the nice people I actually know from there and their fine reputation for a warm western welcome or maybe there is a special enchantment that my soul needs to touch. I guess we will see when I get there.

As talks and whispers start to happen about the border opening back up I was thinking this week about this very special bucket list item. Now as much as I always wanted to go I never really did any research. Yes I have seen pictures as I scroll through my phone but I have never looked at what Oregon has to offer. So I did a little digging and excitement just went from Oh I wanna go to OH MY Stars I need to see this!! Let me share a little of what I found.

The state of Oregon sits between Washington and California on the Pacific Ocean. Some say the views from the bluffs are some of the most beautiful in the world. The capitol is Salem which if you know me well gives me a little tingle. I have been to Salem Massachusetts and Salem Ontario. I am excited to go see what Salem Oregon is like. Is it a Salem thing? Haha! Or just a coincidence? Maybe but it’s a cool coincidence if it is.

Tucked nicely between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade mountains this beauty little city established to be the capital in 1851 is surrounded by fields of flowers, vineyards and pastures. Being an old city I am looking forward to taking a walk downtown. I know I like being in the country but I also enjoy experiencing the historic places I go. Oh just incase you were wondering, yes there were witches. Just like Salem Massachusetts it was not a nice piece of history. The Pioneer Cemetary there is the oldest in the state. Oh how that excites me. Bet ya I can find a few ghosts there.

Not only ghosts but ghost towns! OMG they are everywhere!! The original Oregon trails runs from Independence Minnesota to Oregon City Oregon. Can you say ROAD TRIP!! How exciting to drive the same roads as thousands of people used with wagons and on horseback. Ghost towns, period diners and a step back into a past that was sometimes ruthless. The trail is over 2000 miles long through 7 states and in those days you could not leave after April or you would be running into some of the harshest country in some of the harshest weather. Not only did they have to worry about weather but wild animals and wild people. It would have been quite a trip and one I cannot wait to make in my van. I am sure it will be a lot more comfortable.

Road Trip!!

One thing I would like to see is the Lavender Fields. It is said they have some of the most beautiful fields in the world and you know how I Love purple. I also love the smell of lavender. There is a lavender tea I tried once in Intercourse Pennsylvania (yes you read it right and it was a fun trip) and it was so very good. There is a picture that pops up every once in awhile of a lavender field with a mountain in the background. I want to stand there, close my eyes and smell and feel the beauty.

I want to stand right here!!

To stand on the Oregon coast and breath in the beauty and the smell of the salt air of the ocean. It’s been a dream since I was a little girl. 363 miles long, highway 101 will take you on a beautiful drive from one end if the state to the other. A walk in the sand or watching whales and seals to the breathtaking views I may need a little more time for Ahhh moments. The coast is free and public land so I am hoping there are some magnificent boondocking spots along the way.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip through Oregon and stay tuned because this is a must see on my bucket list.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure.

See you next week!


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