Massachusetts: Beauty, Mystery and Magic

Last week I took you to a place I would like to go. Let’s go to a place I have been to and absolutely loved. Not just because some of the most awesome people live there, I have a few friends there, but the beauty and diversity the state has to offer.

From the beaches of Narragansett and Cape Cod to the bustling beautiful city of Boston to the most haunted forest in America, Massachusetts has everything you could ever want in a vacation. Rich in history with that adorable Massachusetts accent you can’t help but fall in love.

Let’s explore!


When you talk about cities you tend to think, well I do anyway, of a cold, hard place. Boston is the exact opposite.  Of all the big cities I have visited Boston emits a warm soft feeling from the people as well as the architecture. 

Driving into Boston on I-90 is a drive on a 4 lane highway through the mountains. I have never been stuck in a traffic jam in the mountains but I must say it was much more enjoyable than any other. You can even drive under the city on I-93. How cool is that!

The financial district is a must see if you are there. Walking through Boston’s financial district it is a series of soft curves roads and rounded corner buildings. The historic mixed with modern is a delightful scenic trip that soon will not be forgotten. What really amazed me is how easy it was to drive around. I found parking nearby to where ever I wanted to go whether it be downtown or by the harbor. Oh the harbor, we will get to that! The natural beauty set among the buildings is both alluring and interesting. As you walk through Boston Common there are statues of Ducks. Yup ducks. A Momma and her babies. It represents a book that was written and published in 1941 by Robert McCloskey. Look closely everything seems to have a story.

Speaking of Ducks. Have you ever been on a duck boat. Yes you read that right. A boat that can go over land or water. It is 2.5 ton boat with 6 wheels that was used in World War 2 by the US army. It was used to move ammunition and supplies to the ships off shore. A duck boat tour is available and also gives you a small history lesson and tour of Boston and a little of the Harbour. This was really cool! Going from land to sea without getting off the vehicle was really neat and a little unnerving but yes it floated! Pheww! Lol! The tour guide was great, again that Boston accent helped, as he told us of Bostons Pioneer history as well as touching on the Underground Railroad. I actually had a I am Canadian shirt on so since they used that railroad as people mover to Canada he involved me in few questions. Some I knew the answer to and some I had no idea! Lol! It was fun.

Boston Harbour with its beautiful views and many ships also holds some interesting history. You can watch a re-enactment of the Bosten Tea Party. In 1773 at Griffin’s Warf the people were angry at imposing taxes “taxation without representation” dumping 342 chests of tea into the Harbour. It’s fun to watch as the actors swing from the masts of the old boat and crates of “tea” are dumped into the Harbour.

You cannot go to Boston and not go see Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox is the baseball team of Boston. I have always wanted to attend a World Series game and in 2013 I did that. Their first world series win at home since 1918. What an experience. Fenway Park and the Green wall was all it was hyped up to be. With seats 1st level 12 rows back it was awesome feeling the electricity in air and I will never forget singing Sweet Caroline with 30,000 people. The party on Lancaster Street was like nothing I had ever been too. It truly was a dream come true kind of night!

The Win!!
Lancaster St. The party after the win!
What a fun time!

Battleship Cove

If you like Battleships this is a definite on your go to list. There are a total of 8 ships in this cove and is said to be the largest and most diverse of historic navy ships in the world. Now I am not much into war or ships, boats make me a tad queasy, I must say I could not just drive by. There are tours of a battleship, submarine, a pt boat among others. I did not do the tour but the size of some of these vessels were so impressive you just had to stop and say wow!!

Narragansett and Cape Cod

Sunset at Cape Cod

You cannot be in Massachusetts without visiting one or both of these spots. With beautiful beaches and stunning views it feels like you are sitting on the edge of the world. Cape Cod is everything it advertised to be with quaint villiages and sand dunes and sunsets. Narragansett has its own east coast charm with little shops and restaurants along the boulevard.

Bridgewater Triangle

Bridgewater Triangle

So we covered some of the beauty part let’s get to ghostly part. Ohhh my favorite. The Bridgewater Triangle is about 200 square miles located in the southern part of Massachusetts. Bordering Freetown, Rehoboth to the south to Abington in the north this triangle is said to hold ghosts, goblins and puckwudgies along with an assortment of paranormal activity. Freetown -Fall River State forest is said to be the most haunted forest in the US. So much so they close it down at night. Strange things have been seen and heard such as floating orbs and Bigfoot sightings as well as ghosts that float through the trees. There are numerous reports of tragedies as well as horrific crimes. In the 1980’s after reports of witnesses seeing satanic rituals being performed police located a suspicious clearing stained with animal blood.


A little story of my experience in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest because you know I had to go there. I had been dating a gentleman named John who was also into the weird and the wonderful and owned a roadtrek which was bonus. Well I happened to look at a map and noticed a public road that went right into the middle of the forest. It was a gravel road that quickly turned into a little bit of goat path but we found a small place to spend the night. As we ate dinner and night time started to fall so did the noises in the forest. Sitting in the van looking out at the dark forest you could see flecks of light. Orbs? We were not following. It is said Puckwudgies use the orbs to bring you to a cliff where they can push you off. I have stayed in many forests and some of the noises coming out of the dark I have never heard before. I cannot quite explain it but let me just say it sent a few shivers. As we slept both of us were awakened by something large moving through the woods. We peered through the windows but could not see anything. Maybe a moose? There are no mooses! What was that?? Maybe Bigfoot? We will never know.

Something odd is happening out there!

Lizzie Borden

Where did I get my wonder of the macabre? Oh that would be from my Mother. One of her favorite stories was of Lizzie Borden. Lizzie Borden lived in Falls River Massachusetts with her father and stepmother. In 1892 Andrew and Abby Borden were found murdered in their home. Suspicion soon fell on their daughter Lizzie. So much so a children’s rhyme that was chanted for generations was born.

Lizzie Borden took an ax,

And gave her mother 40 whacks

When she saw what she had done

She gave her father 41.

Lizzie was later tried and acquitted for the murders but lived with the stigma for the rest of her life. She remained in Fall River until her death 1927. The house where the murders took place and is now a bed and breakfast and is said to be haunted with the spirits of Lizzies parents whose murder curiously was never solved.

Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast


Here comes the magic. Salem Massachusetts is a magical place that you can feel the witchy vibes in the air. I have been there twice. Once with my girlfriend Kim. We went the week before Halloween. Oh do not go then. There thousands of people crammed into that little town. It was crazy. John and I went in July. It was much quieter then. We spent a week there and had a witchy good time. Parked on the common we would get up every morning and have coffee on the park bench. Such a quaint little town with a horrific history.

Salem is known world wide for the witch trials that were held there. Between February 1692 and May 1693 over 200 people were accused of witchcraft in which 30 were found guilty, 20 of them executed for their supposed crimes. It is to note that in 1702 the court declared the Witch Trials of Salem unlawful. In 1711 the rights and good names of those accused were restored and £600 in restitution was granted to the accused families.

Judge Johnathan Corwin owned what is now called the Witch House. It is the only building still standing in Salem that has direct ties to the Salem Witch trials. Judge Corwin was asked to investigate the witchcraft allegations after the execution of Bridget Bishop when Judge Nathaniel Saltonstall resigned. Corwin served as Judge for that court that sent a 19 more people to their deaths. It was not only supposed witches that were executed but also those who spoke out against the trials. The Witch House built in 1642 is beautifully preserved and is a wonderful example of 17th century New England architecture.

The atmosphere is one of magic and mystery as you stroll through this quaint little town on cobblestone streets. There are so many little shops to stop into and cafes to sit and take in the beauty. We took the tour and that of course led us to the cemetary, of which they close at night as they say the spirits of those betrayed still roam.

Salem was a wonderful magical tour that I will never forget and someday I will return to experience the magic.

Massachusetts is wonderful state and one I cannot wait to go back to, not only to hug my beautiful friends that live there but to experience the beauty, the magic and the mystery that is Massachusetts. Plus I never did find a puckwudgie!

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure.

See you next week


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