Elk Lake Wilderness Resort: The Perfect Northern Getaway

The beauty of Elk Lake Wilderness Resort

I took a break from searching Ontario for the strange and Interesting and found cozy and comfortable. As mentioned last week I was going to stay at a wilderness resort. My daughter Tanya and her family had rented a cottage and invited me to come spend some vacation time with them. I am so glad I did. What a beautiful place with a lovely story. As soon as I arrived I knew I was going to have to share this travel destination with all of you.

Elk Lake Wilderness Resort is south west of Kirkland Lake just off Highway 11. As you drive towards the resort you definitely feel the wilderness around you. I was looking forward to a relaxing week of catching up on some writing and spending some quality time with my grandkids. Pulling in you can feel the tranquility of the area. From the cozy cottages to the RV parking area you could hear the slapping of the waves lightly on the waters edge. The office is a warm welcoming building where I was greeted by the owner Mallory. A small store and a great smell of something cooking was the start of a wonderful week.

The Cottages

Elk Lake Wilderness Resort has two bedroom and three bedroom cottages. I was impressed at how much room was inside. My daughter had rented a three bedroom cottage as that what would be needed as she has four boys. There were three good sized bedrooms, a large living area with satellite TV and free wifi, and a full size Kitchen. A large deck out back gave you a beautiful view of the Montreal River this beautiful resort sits on. All the cottages are situated beside the water so which ever cottage you choose, you can enjoy that view.

The view from the deck of cottage #6

RV and Seasonal Campsites

There are a number of seasonal trailers at the resort and a few short term RV sites that are available. They have full or partial hookups for your convenience. The laundry facilities are located in a building next to the main office. In that building there are also washrooms and beautiful shower facilities.

Things To Do For All Ages

I was amazed at what you could use as part of your resort experience and the number of things to do for all ages. A full playground for the younger kids with swings, slides and a sandbox full of toys. My grandson Jensen is a mover and groover. He is two years old and has much more energy then most of us can handle. Tirering him out at the playground was wonderful. Except for the times he ran off and Grandma had to run to chase him. Lol! He moves pretty quick and how does a kid who trips over his own feet while walking not trip when he is at a dead run. Lol

Jensen enjoying the playground

I was thrilled to learn that any boat without a motor was free to use. They had canoes, kayaks and even a paddleboat. Life jackets of all sizes are provided at the main office. What a great opportunity to get out on the water without having to bring a boat. They also have boats with motors you can rent, from small fishing boats to as large as a pontoon boat.

Boats for any age or size

A beautiful beach to sit and have coffee or watch as the boys paddle off to do some morning fishing.

Gone fishing

Elk Lake Wilderness Resort is certainly a place to go if you love to fish. With a variety such as Walleye, Bass, Perch and Northern Pike you are sure to catch a delicious dinner. Not having much luck off the dock? Ask them about a trip to one of the dozens secluded back lakes where you are sure to make your catch of the day! After you have caught your prize they provide a dedicated hut for cleaning. Did you catch so many you want to take some home? They will store your catch for you so you can enjoy a taste of paradise at your own kitchen table.

My grandsons Xavier and Erik trying their hand at fishing

ATV and Hiking Trails

Down the trail we go

I am a trail walker. There is nothing more soothing for me than to walk through a forest trail. There are miles of trails you can walk. There are hundreds of miles of ATV trails. Northern Ontario has an intricate trail system for ATV’s and some of best ATV trails in Ontario are here in Elk Lake. Elk Lake Wilderness Resort provides a wonderful beginning and ending to a beautiful day on the trails. Do not feel like cooking after a full day out in the forest? They have food packages you can arrange for that will deliver the makings for a good hearty breakfast including eggs and bacon, home baking and fresh fruit to cook whenever you get up in the morning. A boxed lunch for you to take with you on your adventure with sandwiches, fresh friut and a drink. When you arrive back to the cottage exhausted after a full day, a hot dinner will be delivered to your cottage. How cool is that? Not having to cook or worry about what you are going to cook, after a full day out and about whether it is ATVing, hiking or fishing is the perfect end to a wonderful day. Have a good dinner to eat, pull your lawn chair up by the fire and spend a relaxing evening listing to the water gently splash along the shore. Ahhhhh paradise!

Remember that great smell I mentioned at the beginning of the blog. Friday night is pizza night. Good hot pizza on the back deck watching the sun go down. That is my kind of Friday night!

Good pizza and a beautiful sunset

Winter Fun

Winter in Northern Ontario is one of the best places to experience the true fun of snow. Even me, who is not really a winter type of girl, loves to go north in the winter. I am not sure what it is, but as the snow glistens in the sunshine and you breathe in that first breath of cold, crisp air. It creates such a beauty and tranquility you know it is going to be a good day. Elk Lake Wilderness Resort is open all year round. Love to snowmobile? The resort is located at the base of the Gold Rush Tour Loop in the OFSC snowmobile trail system. You do not even have to go onto a road to get to the trails. Just leave the cottage and enjoy the beauty of the North in the winter. Get the food package and come back, enjoy a warm meal and a drink by the fire.

A warm fire on a beautiful winter evening

The Realization of a Dream

As you know I love great travel destinations but they are even better when they have a great story. I got a chance to sit and chat with the owner Mallory and she had the most beautiful story of a wonderful couple with a dream. Mallory and Jay lived and worked in the Niagara Falls area, with their young daughter. They had a dream of owning a large piece of property and maybe running a B&B or motel. They looked at all kinds of possibilities and found a few maybe’s. Elk Lake Wilderness Resort came up on their radar. They fell in love with the place and a few months later they quit their jobs in the south and moved north to make their dreams come true. Now they are living their dream and loving it. It is most wonderful they can share that dream with all of us.

Jay and Mallory Warkentin

I love dream come true stories. The bravery of taking your foot off solid ground and taking that second step to create the life you are looking for. Inspiring!

I so enjoyed my stay at Elk Lake Wilderness Resort. A special thank you to my wonderful hosts Mallory and Jay for their hospitality and sharing their piece of paradise with me.

When you need to get away north I highly recommend giving them a call. No matter how you want to spend your time in the north there is something for everyone of all ages!

Back to my search next week of the Strange and Interesting. Stay tuned and come along. You won’t believe what I found!

See you next week


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