Traveling during Covid! A Chipmunk Tour of Flower Pot Island!

In our travels covid really did not have much of an impact, but for this trip, since we had to get on the boat in close quarters it came a little more into play!

The Flower Pot!

When my daughter mentioned she would like to go to Flower Pot Island while we were in the Bruce Peninsula I thought that was a great idea! I had heard of it but had never actually took the time to stop. She booked passage on a glass bottom boat and away we went!

So just in case you were not aware I really am not a boat person. All that bobbing and weaving is just more than my stomach can handle! But how far could it be? Lol! Actually the boat was pretty big and it was a calm day so over all it was not to bad. It was about a 40 min ride and pretty smooth! There were sections cut out of the floor and they passed over a couple of shipwreckes in the bay.

Unfortunately I could not see them. You see I can not wear a mask! Traveling in this Covid, masked world is difficult to say the least! I will say that the ship company and crew were very accommodating. When I told them at the ticket counter I could not wear a mask, he told his supervisor and they said the Captain would come out to speak to me. As promised as I waited in line he came out and asked if I would stay to the back and keep out of the crowd. “If other people see people without a mask they tend to take theirs off”. He wished me a good voyage and later on the trip a crew member stopped to ask if I was OK. I told him I was fine thank you and it was a nice tour.

I just want to point out I could have walked up with my family and looked at the shipwrecks and if it was not a mask mandate would have, but out of respect for what they asked and also of other peoples fears I skipped that part of the tour! Actually the back of the boat was pretty nice! 😊

The tour to the Island was a nice ride. After the detour over the shipwrecks we picked up the pace and headed to the Island. It was nice to stand on the back of the boat and watch the scenery as we jetted by! Lol! The smaller islands that seem to come out of nowhere as well as blue of the water against the horizon.

Bruce Anchor Cruises

Landing on Flower Pot Island, getting its name by the Rock formations on the Island, an information board and history of the Island. They listed 2 routes on the map. Lakeside and through the forest both landing near the museum (which was closed due to covid) and a beautiful spot that you could sit and have a picnic by the water.

Just in case you did not know it I am a board reader, plaque reader or any other information source that I can soak up. I love knowing about where I am and the history behind it.

As I mentioned before Flower Pot Island got its name from the Rock formations on the right side of the Island. There are 2 Flower Pots on the island. Apparently there used to be 3 but in 1903 the base eroded away and one came down. The water splashing at the base makes the bottom of the base thinner or smaller around forming the shape of a Flower Pot. They are very impressive! It is interest how water will erode the earth in such amazing fashion!

The path to the museum was a beautiful walk through the woods and a pretty easy walk. We took the lakeside and every once in a while you would come to a spot where the trail goes next to the water. They even had a boardwalk you could walk on which was very nice. There were spots set up along the trail with picnic tables by the water where you could go in for a swim and stop for a snack. There is a snack place there but you guessed it…closed due to covid! There were also caves you could express but yup you guessed it closed due to covid! Ugggg!

A beautiful walk through the woods!
The path to Ahhhh!

You can not forget about the critters and wildlife! Its one of my favorite parts. There were a lot of butterflies there and were actually landing on people. A little squirrel seemed to follow us down the trail. It was fun to watch him dipsy-doodle through the branches and the trees! He moved pretty quick but I got a pic!! Lol!

The bathroom facilities were composting toilets. There is no wifi, no hydro, and really no amenities. You can camp on the island but my van cannot go there so I cannot but other people can! Lol! The composting toilets were very cool with wood shavings supplied to dump after you do! They also have a little bit of a sense of humor! Lol! I just had to giggle!!

Haha! It was a nice view!!

It is about a 3 hour tour which is lots of time to see the sites and take a quick dip. Most of the island you can not access. Don’t miss the boat back! Big warning! They said it several times. I am not sure what happens if you miss the boat but it seemed pretty important! Lol!

All in all it was a great trip from beginning to end! The boat ride both there and back! I have to make special mention of the Boat company Bruce Anchor Cruises for the excellent service in which is to say the least difficult times. On the way back they even offered to close the door so the baby would not get cold! Ahhhh that is thoughtful and appreciated.

Thanks for coming along on my Chipmunk Adventure to Flower Pot Island!

Stay tuned for the last part of our adventure and the jewel we found!

See you next time!


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